A Redditor took to the  forum and asked, “AITA for offering two different kinds of cake at our wedding?”


The Original Poster (OP) and Josh are a couple who recently celebrated their wedding a few weeks ago. They mostly received positive feedback on it. However, they were taken aback upon hearing that many people had been gossiping about the cake behind their backs.

Josh and OP originally planned a smaller wedding at a resort. They were fortunate enough to be given some money to invite extra guests, so they decided to expand the wedding and had some of their second cousins, kids, and friends that they otherwise don’t see as often.

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As the couple was on a budget, they decided to reserve the “fancy” cake, which was only intended for the pictures and not to be served as the actual cake, for immediate family, the pastor, and a select few members of the wedding party whom they had known for a long time.

The cake was given to them in boxes, so they could take it home and enjoy it privately rather than consuming it in front of the other guests. The pastor was excluded from receiving the cake as he flew from a distant location and was vegan, thus unable to eat the dinner served at the wedding. Therefore, the couple wanted to ensure he had something to eat before it got too late.

The couple decided to have a couple of sheet cakes for the wedding reception. One of the sheet cakes had vanilla and buttercream with rosettes.

At the same time, the other one was a pineapple chocolate chunk cake, chosen explicitly for Josh’s side of the family, who frequently spends time in Florida.

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What Happened Next?

Through discussions with their family, the couple discovered that many guests had left whole slices of the pineapple cake on their plates, which the servers did not take home. That was noticeable in many of the wedding pictures. However, the couple did not notice that then, as they were busy having fun and catching up with their guests.

Josh’s family did not like the cake like the couple thought they would, and there had been some unkind words behind the couple’s backs.  They came across a text from Josh’s uncle that was not meant for them to see, which deeply hurt them.

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They were now uncertain about how to proceed and what to say in response. While the cake did not receive the reception they had hoped for and they believe that the unkind comments made by Josh’s family were unwarranted and unnecessary. The couple arranged a full dinner, with three types of cheese and an open bar that stayed open until late, despite being on a tight budget.

OP asks, we gave out two cake flavors at our wedding. Am I the jerk?”

Was OP correct to order sheet cakes and keep the nicer cake for closed ones? Was it inappropriate for OP’s known to be so mean about the cakes at the wedding? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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