Being rude to a kid (barely a teenager) who’s not even had their complete mental development yet can give them a lifetime of trauma and anxiety. Sad as it may be, some people think it’s okay to do so!

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for telling my step-sister that I don’t love her as much?”. Here’s the full story for your context.


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The Original Poster (OP) (F23) has a 10-year-old half-sister Bella and a 13-year-old stepsister Maia.

Maia and OP don’t have a sisterly relationship and OP never really liked her. Even when she was a toddler, she was the kind of kid who would cry and yell until she got what she wanted. Basically, she is the reason OP wants to be child-free.

Bella on the other hand is the sweetest kid, according to OP.

A Few Days Ago

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So, a few days ago, OP’s mom asked her to bring Maia home from her guitar class. OP was busy with work and she forgot so she was about half an hour late.

What Happened Yesterday?

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Yesterday, OP’s mom asked her to bring Bella home from her painting class. OP was on time and brought her home safely. When OP’s parents came home, she decided to do a prank and told Bella to hide so she could tell them she forgot to bring her home.

OP’s Parents’ Reaction

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When OP told them so, her stepdad was horrified and ran toward the door to go get her while OP’s mom stood there calmly and told him to relax because there is no way OP could forget Bella and that she knew OP was lying.

What Happened Next

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Bella was very disappointed and asked OP how their mother found out it was a prank. OP told her the truth and said that mom knows how much OP loves her and there is no way OP would ever forget her.

OP’s Jerk Move

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Maia, who was listening to their conversation (OP had no idea that she was listening) called OP a bad word. OP told her thanks for reminding her why she doesn’t love her as much and Maia ran to their parents to tell them what OP said and now they think OP is a jerk.

You Know They’re Both Still Kids, Right?

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“You’re the jerk – they’re KIDS…both of them. Even though 13-year-olds are notoriously…well…13. They’re still kids. Their brains aren’t developed and what you said to Maia probably really affected her. It was cruel. You’re an adult and should know better.

No wonder you don’t have a sisterly relationship – have you even bothered trying to get to know your step-sister? Or do you just treat her like she’s less than all the time?”

The Damage You’ve Done Is NOT FIXABLE

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“You are the jerk. A huge one. The damage you are *purposely* doing to that girl’s self-esteem, sense of self-worth, ability to trust others and ability to know that her family will always be her safe place IS NOT FIXABLE. Let that sink in.

The damage you have done cannot be undone. You are a horrible excuse for a ‘sister’ to both of them.”

Congratulations, You Just Became The Reason Behind Her Future Trauma!

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“You might be a young adult but you’re still an adult and you should know better than to speak to a child like that. Kids who yell and whine until they get what they want are taught that because their parents teach them that it works. Don’t blame a kid for reacting like their conditioning has taught them.

Blended families can be tricky. So can teenage girls (you were one once, does everything you did as a teenager seem rational to you now?). You told a probably insecure, hormonal, and already upset teenage girl (who likely looks up to you) that you love her less than the sister that you share a common blood with. You just created years of therapy for that kid.

You are a giant jerk.”

You’re The Jerk For A LOT Of Reasons

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“Maia is a child, who you have apparently disliked her whole life because she was a whiny toddler as most toddlers are. That’s sad, and definitely not something that needed to be said out loud.

Plus You’re the jerk for forgetting Maia when you agreed to get her. With that being the case, you shouldn’t have even bothered with the prank with Bella.”

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