Playing characters in your kids’ stories and playtime is important as it not only allows them to develop their imagination, creativity and social skills, but it also allows you to bond as a parent.

A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for telling my wife that she isn’t a princess?”


For several months, the Original Poster’s (OP) wife behaved strangely by mimicking child-like behavior. Although that was apparent that she was playing with their daughter, OP found her behavior somewhat unsettling.

During one incident, their daughter asked OP to make her a mini pizza, to which the wife responded by asking for one as well, stating that she’s a princess too. OP corrected her, reminding her she was an adult, not a princess.

Despite the wife’s childlike behavior, OP ensured that she was also provided with a mini pizza.

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What Happened Next?

Upon being reminded that she was an adult, OP’s wife laughed nervously and retracted her previous statement. However, their daughter overheard the conversation and insisted that her mother was a princess too.

OP acknowledged their daughter’s comment but avoided further explanation.

Although he felt guilty when his wife changed out of her princess attire, OP was unsure if his reaction made him appear insensitive.

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What Do Others Think?

Redditors tagged OP as a jerk.

“You are wrong. It is harmless playtime with your child. Young kids love it when their parents engage in imaginative play with them.” said one.

“You are wrong. Way to spoil your wife’s fun with your daughter. How insecure and controlling are you? And I love how you ended this pathetic little tale with, “you don’t know if this makes you a jerk.” I bet you do lots of such stuff and claim ignorance afterward.” another said.

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“You are SO wrong, they’re just having fun playing together. Why don’t you call yourself a prince and join in? I bet your daughter would love that!

Also, princesses can be adults. They don’t automatically become queens when they get older. If you look at a list of current princesses in the UK, one is 86 years old.” another added.

What Do You Think? Do you think it was childish of OP’s wife to behave that way? Was OP right in reacting the way he did?

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