Families are great, but the relationships can be complex and sometimes “unpredictable“. A user took to the forum and shared a story of pro-revenge by a grandmother on her aunt. 

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The Original Poster’s (OP) grandmother raised her children and grandchildren with love and often spoiled them. Unfortunately, two of her children, OP’s uncle and father, became addicts. 


OP’s Aunt Became Estranged

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Finally, OP’s aunt became estranged. OP had many relatives, so she was unsure if she had met her aunt. She could not remember her name or face. So, she decides to call her “Little Miss J”. 


J Left

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J left without looking back, constantly asking OP’s grandmother for money. However, she rarely repaid her debts, which was a grave mistake as OP’s grandmother was an expert in managing finances and kept track of every penny she had lent J.

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What Happened Next?

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Two years back, OP’s grandmother received a cancer diagnosis. Despite working hard and being the strongest woman, she could not overcome the illness and passed away. 


She Ensured Everyone Pays

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Throughout her life, she ensured nobody got by without paying her dues.

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What Did OP’s Grandmother Do?

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In her will, OP’s grandmother bequeathed money to everyone in her family, including OP’s grandpa, father, uncle, OP, and OP’s sisters. 

However, for Little Miss J, the will states, “You still owe me 14 dollars.” That was still being determined whether OP’s grandmother loaned J 14 dollars or if the inclusion of the statement was intended as a slap on the face. 


J Got No Portion

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J always had an eye for the inheritance, and she got no portion of it. OP says, “I can’t be prouder to have a grandma that wouldn’t leave this world without the last laugh.


What Did Others Have To Say

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“Grandma took petty to the grave with her – baller move! There’s nothing J can do about it, ever, and she’ll be talked about forever too.”


Wills Are Not As Iron Clad

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“Lawyer here, J certainly can do something about it. Wills are not nearly as ironclad as people believe, and courts will often disregard a will if someone sues it. It’s always better to have one than not, but it’s hardly bulletproof.”


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