Being a momma’s boy is one thing but prioritizing your mother over your pregnant wife and unborn baby is totally absurd!

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for saying my MIL acts as though she’s in a relationship with my SO?”. Tell us what you think in the comments section!


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The Original Poster, OP (F26) thinks her husband (M32) is a complete momma’s boy. He’ll call his mother for hours and talk to her and spend time with her more than he does with OP.

What Happened Recently

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OP recently hit her 6-month mark in her pregnancy and asked her husband to help her get ready with all sorts of things for the baby. He said that would interfere with time spent with his mom and OP replied “Yeah it might, but I need you more right now and would you if you did some other time”.

Husband’s Shocking Statement

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OP’s husband gave her an offended look and said “You know my mom comes before you”?

OP was kind of shocked but she explained to him that they just needed to get ready with a few things here and there and that she wouldn’t need more help later in the week.

He just ignored OP and went to his mom’s house.

MIL’s Snarky Comment

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After a while, OP’s MIL called her and said “I won”, in a snarky voice and OP just bit her tongue and said “Maybe I’ll win next time” and she hung up.

OP could hear her husband laughing in the background and that just angered her for a while and OP was walking around lifting her fold up upstairs.

“It hurt like hell, but I got it done. I decided to paint the nursery walls another day.”, says OP.

A Couple Of Weeks Later

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OP and her husband’s anniversary rolled around the corner a couple of weeks later and OP woke up and got her husband’s gift ready that day and cooked his favorite meal. He came back from work and OP was upstairs in the bathroom and he left.

OP got all eager and happy that he was bringing some sort of surprise and waited in the living room. Thirty minutes go by and OP calls him saying “Where are you?” He replies “Oh, I’m at my mom’s house”.

All Hell Broke Loose

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OP doesn’t appreciate what she said about this so don’t go too hard in the comments ~ “She might as well be having your kid. You clearly seem like you’re with her”.

OP hung up the phone and it was probably on speaker phone minutes later, she got a bunch of texts from them saying that OP shouldn’t be jealous, she shouldn’t disrespect her mother-in-law, and that she should maybe find something to do instead of being a bitter jerk.

“Am I a jerk?”, asks OP.

Why Are You Still There?

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“You’re the jerk to yourself. He’s told you and shown you many times that you and the baby are not important. Why are you still there hoping for change?”

Dump Him And Move On!

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“You are a fool if you stay with this man. You were robbing yourself and your child of the life you could have. Even if you never find someone else to love, you could have a life of being respected and treated as a worthy person and not be second-class in your own home. Dump him and make a life for yourself and your child that doesn’t include his mother.”

Time To Say Goodbye

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“Not the jerk and time to say goodbye. You’re pretty much single now and you were kind of naive to marry a man who doesn’t put you and his unborn child first. Say goodbye NOW.

It’s Not Too Late To Leave

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“It might be too late for an abortion, but it’s not too late to leave. It NEVER gets better with mommy’s boys. The emotional pain is real, and he’s basically having an affair with you. At this point, just leave.”

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