What would you do if your parents ditched you at the last moment on your big day?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for not taking down my video that was a gift from my best man?”. We need you to find out.


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The Original Poster, OP has a sister who is 6 years older than him. For years, OP’s parents have canceled on him last minute because of his sister.

OP has a basketball game…”Oops sorry sister doesn’t feel like going out”. He is graduating…”Oops, sorry sister had a bad day at work”.

They have missed both major and smaller events in OP’s life because of his sister’s meltdowns.

The Wedding Blunder

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OP met the love of his life. They decided to tie the knot. From the beginning, OP told his parents how he is worried his sister will ruin another special moment in his life. OP’s mom told him over and over again it would not happen.

“The day of my wedding came. I received a voicemail from my mom saying they couldn’t come because my sister’s dog was sick and she was upset.”, says OP

The Savage Revenge

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OP was hurt; his best man, however, is a jokester. He took OP’s phone, then went to his fiancé and asked if he could post a video of their wedding on social media as a gift. She loved his idea.

OP had no idea about it until he came home. Their honeymoon was at a lakeside cabin. No cell service.

Details Of The Post

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The post’s caption was “My best friend. He is an amazing person even if his parents NEVER showed up for him.”

The video was still pictures of the couple next to OP’s fiancé’s parents, OP on the dance floor, cutting the cake.

Where you would normally see both parents in wedding pictures, the sound behind the video was OP’s mom’s voicemail explaining how they couldn’t come because his sister’s dog was sick.

When OP Came Back Home

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OP came home a week later to hundreds of messages.

Family members from both sides insisted he take it down. OP was told his sister hadn’t stopped crying. OP’s mom is refusing to leave the house.

Where OP Might Be The Jerk

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OP thinks he might be the jerk here. He didn’t take it down when he got his messages. He didn’t call his family back right away.

“I waited until my vacation time was over at work and enjoyed my time with my wife. In our new home. Before I contacted anyone.”, says OP.

The Final Fuss

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OP’s dad told him to take down the video. It was “just a bad night for them”. That they will make it up to him and his wife for not coming. OP’s reply was exactly how they planned to “make up” for his wedding. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. They chose to ignore his feelings on the whole matter.

Then OP’s dad just repeated he would make it up to him. OP told him he would take down the video only when he made up for missing his wedding. Flustered, they both hung up the phone before they both said things they shouldn’t have.

“Am I the jerk here? I could have just taken down the video.”, asks OP.

Your Friend Is AWESOME

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“Not the jerk. The truth hurts sometimes and your parents & sister just got whammied! Your friend is AWESOME. Please leave the video up!”

Don’t Focus On Them Now

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“Not the jerk. They were finally called out on their blatant favoritism and they obviously didn’t take it well. I’d hold off inviting them anywhere or to anything, OP. At least for a while.

Don’t make them your first priority when you clearly aren’t theirs. Focus on your new wife and your absolutely awesome best friend. They both sound like keepers!”

How On Earth Would You Take It Down?

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“Not the jerk. Not your content, not your video, not your social media. How on earth would you take it down? Sounds like your dad should be calling and begging your best man (which you know he won’t, because he’s a coward bullying his own kid over missing his kid’s wedding).

That aside, your family is horrible. Why do they have the privilege of being in your life at all?”

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