Imagine messing up with someone’s belongings and then having the audacity to be reluctant to pay for a replacement! Sounds tacky, right?

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for not buying my GF a new jacket after throwing her old one away?”. We need you to find out.


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At the start of this month, the Original Poster (OP) and his GF moved back to his childhood home for a few months and since nobody lived in his old room for quite a while, it was very cluttered.

A Few Weeks Before

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So a few weeks before OP and his GF moved in. OP went to his old room with his dad to get rid of old stuff he didn’t need anymore like old clothes and just any other junk he found in there.

What Happened In The Meantime?

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In the meantime, OP’s family put some of his sister’s clothes in the closets as well as other stuff he wasn’t entirely sure whose they were. So, while OP was there cleaning and throwing stuff away, he saw a woman’s shirt and a jacket in one of the closets.

OP took a picture and sent it to her GF and asked her if they were hers.

GF responds: “No, they are your ex’s.”

OP: “Very funny, but wrong.”

What Did OP Do Next?

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At this point, OP put his phone back in his pocket, threw the clothes away, and continued clearing out the room.

The next time he looked at his phone, OP saw that his GF shortly after his last message wrote: ”They are mine, yes.”

The Tragic Disposal

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Now, at this point, the trash bag with her clothes along with at least 5 other trash bags are in the public bin…so OP didn’t feel like going picking through trash trying to find them and left them there.

Girlfriend’s Reaction

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OP’s GF has been unhappy about this. Since then, she’s mentioned quite a few times that he should buy her a new one. OP really doesn’t think that’s fair because, according to him, it’s almost entirely her fault for them being thrown out.

He thinks it was the result of her joking with him in not the best moment.

What Happened Today?

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Today, OP’s girlfriend sent him a picture of the same/similar jacket from a store and asked if she could use his money to buy it. OP responded that he is willing to pay for half of it to which she responded: “I already paid for it once before.”

“Am I a jerk for throwing away the jacket and not wanting to buy a new one?”, asks OP.

Not The Jerk

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“Not the jerk. Sarcasm doesn’t text well. The people who think you’re the jerk are the people who don’t have to bag up 6 trash bags while getting sarcastic texts instead of straight answers. Bagging up 6 bags of childhood drama is about 6 hours of solid mental energy, and OP didn’t have another hour of energy to dig through trash, as they had to spend the next 3 hours cleaning/sorting/organizing.”

You’re Certainly The Jerk

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“You’re the jerk. Firstly for being extremely stupid. Secondly because yes, it would’ve taken you a little longer to find it amongst the trash bags but it was still her jacket.

I hope she dumps you. Can’t even afford to replace it for her!”

Try To Put Yourself In Her Shoes

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“You’re the jerk, put yourself in her shoes. If she threw something away from you and then just “didn’t want to go get it”, would you be upset? Most likely, yes. Also, rightfully so. If you want this relationship to last, apologize for not going to retrieve it after realizing it was hers, and replace it.

If you don’t feel like replacing a jacket, you’re probably going to be replacing your girlfriend. Set your ego aside already.”

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