Some restaurants are expensive and fail to provide good food and decent customer service. Have you ever wondered how these restaurants are still running? 

A user asked the forum, “If you could delete any restaurant from existence, what would it be?” Here are the top responses. 


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“All of Salt Bae’s remaining restaurants.”


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“Panera. There’s no reason they should get away with charging $15-$20 for an average cup of soup and a half sandwich.”


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“Applebee’s. I have my microwave at home.”


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“Golden Corral. I dont think it’s fair they survived the shutdown while Sweet Tomatoes failed.”


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“Subway. Those clear tomatoes and white lettuce. Nasty place.”


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“Chipotle, but more as an Old Yeller mercy kill. I love that place, but the quality has just gone downhill while prices exploded (I paid 17 bucks for a bowl last week). I’d lay it to rest in peace.”


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“Tim Horton’s. There used to be a time when it was a neighborhood donut shop with donuts that weren’t disgusting! I don’t care if another franchise just moves into the vacuum. Tim Horton’s is not good, and I won’t miss it for a second.”


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“Somehow, people still go to Hooters.”


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“Burger King. Food is not good, and that King in the commercial freaks me out, and it is not funny.”


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“PF Chang’s. Food is mediocre. It’s way too expensive. I’ve had better, more authentic Americanized Asian food at buffets and dives (and it’s much cheaper). 

The portions are also smaller than they used to be, like $18 for orange chicken. Are you serious? They offer nothing unique or better than what’s already on the market: time to be deleted.

I saw this ‘review’ of Asian restaurants by this guy who said that the more the staff can’t speak English, the better the food will be. So by that standard, PF Chang’s a mess.”


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“The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar. It’s this awful place in Georgia whose theme is racism against black people. Their menus have images of black people hanging from nooses, and there’s a giant Ku Klux Klan Klansman statue out front. It isn’t good. 

I don’t understand how they’re still in business. I only know about this from online research. I have never been there and never will. Makes me embarrassed to be from Georgia.”


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“Olive Garden. I’m tired of hearing about the bread.”


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“Buffalo Wild Wings. Are there worse restaurants in existence? Absolutely. But the fact that people think the wings that they serve are proper wings offends me.” 


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“McDonald’s. It’s just gross at this point.”


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“Chick-fil-A. It bothers me how many influencers, in particular, still film themselves going there when the management’s homophobia and financial support of homophobic organizations are now widely known. 

I would never support them myself, but I hate that so many do, as it’s a sign that so many people don’t care about fighting homophobia.”

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