Have you ever overheard a bizarre or outrageous conversation on a plane? If so, we’d love to hear about it!

A netizen recently asked, “What’s the craziest thing you’ve overheard on a plane?”. Below are the craziest responses!

The Toilet Appeal

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“A 5-year-old boy once said ‘Dad, can you ask them to pull over so I can go to the toilet?’. Haha”

The Tooth Fairy Talks

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“There was this kid was behind me that kept telling her dad she lost her tooth and the dad was disgruntledly trying to find it, and some guy nearby said ‘Hey kid, I hear if you lose your tooth on a plane, the tooth fairy gives you 50 bucks’ to which the dad replied, ‘Hey look, sweetie, the tooth fairy decided to sit next to us on the plane!’.”

The Poop Accident

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“Everyone is boarded and the plane is in the middle of the taxi when a kid about 10 seats up and on the left side (I was on the right side) starts crying and screaming at the top of his lungs ‘I NEED TO POOP’ and ‘I’M GOING TO POOP’ over and over again until the seat belt signs came off.

I’ve never seen so many worried faces and the look of panic as the mother picked up the kid and bolted to the toilet.”

The Sandwich Moment

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“I am a pilot for a major airline. Decades ago I was running for a deadhead flight home and managed to snag the last seat. A mother and young daughter were seated next to me.

Halfway through the flight the mother, seeing my disheveled look after flying all day, asked if I wanted her daughter’s PB&J sandwich that she wasn’t going to eat.

I politely declined, but she insisted. That was the best Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich I’d ever had!”

The Scary Warning

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“I was sitting next to a father with his small child. The child wouldn’t stop hopping around until the father said ‘Sit still and be a good boy or the plane will crash because of you and we will end up dying.’

Never seen a kid so quiet before.”

The Master Plan To Catch A Cheating Wife

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“A guy coming home early to bust a cheating wife. He was on the phone with a friend/family who told him the other guy was at his house and they didn’t expect him back until next week.”

How To Eat Pizza With Chopsticks

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“I overheard a passenger passionately arguing with their seatmate about the correct way to eat a slice of pizza with chopsticks.”

The Pilot’s Unintentional Whisper

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“Pilot accidentally left the intercom switch on. The whole plane heard him say ‘Ooo. That’s weird’. Nothing else. The plane took off amid varying levels of anxiety throughout the cabin. I’m here to tell the tale today, so thankfully it wasn’t too weird!”

The Virgin Joke

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“I was sitting next to a teenage boy and his dad. The kid was telling his dad how much he loved the song ‘sexual healing’ by Marvin Gaye, when the kid was finally done talking the dad just looked at him and said ‘you’re a virgin’.”

The Gaming Addict

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“Not so much what he said, but I sat next to this fully grown man that was playing plants vs zombies the whole 3-hour flight with incredible enthusiasm.

Every time a plant got eaten or he killed a difficult zombie he’d jump in his seat, pump his fist and aggressively whisper Yes, YES, get ’em yes….”

The Screaming Jerk

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“I was flying to Seattle from Atlanta and there was a baby crying for the majority of the flight. The parents were doing their best and it really was not their fault, just a weird situation.

About halfway to Seattle, the man seated in front of the baby snapped and started screaming at the baby and his parents, cursing at them saying how they’re awful parents and he’s gonna beat them all (including the baby) to a pulp when they land.

A flight attendant tried to ask the guy to calm down and he said he would also beat her up. The pilot had to come on and tell everyone to calm down or else we had to make an early landing. We made it to Seattle and the guy ended up having to be tackled by 4 cops at the gate because he was trying to run away after being approached by them.”

The Conversion Pro Missionaries

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“Two Mormon missionaries trying to convert the sweet, naive man sitting between them the entire flight.”

The Weird Shaving Request

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“I’ve told you many times Brenda, I am not shaving my balls! It’s my balls and I’m a man!”

The Bubbly Little Girl And Her Sad Tales

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“I was sitting next to a dad and his daughter who was about 5. He was super cool and was chatting away while his daughter started talking to me. She was so sweet and bubbly and gave way too much information to me.

She said something along the lines of ‘I went to my grandma and grandpa’s house and they’re married, I wish my dad would marry my mom but they can’t talk to each other but I always wish they were married like my grandma and grandpa.’ Her dad would have been horrified. I was just sad.”

The Annoying Woman

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“I was flying solo into Orlando. The woman next to me was so excited about her new boyfriend’s boat and was going on and on about how excited she was for this trip.

I nodded and put my headphones in and about 1 minute later, she grabbed the cord on my headphone and pulled it out of my ear so she could blather on about it…

I asked her if she had lost her mind!”

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