What types of people do you find difficult to interact with? An internet user asked, “What kind of people are you tired of?”. The following responses were so relatable that we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing them with you!

Those Who Play Stuff Aloud On Their Phones

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People playing stuff on their phone’s speakers out loud in public can be pretty annoying. 

A user shares an instance, saying, “I went to a small restaurant for a nice dinner with my wife the other day and two separate DoorDash guys were hanging out, waiting for orders, each blasting YouTube videos or whatever on their phones. It was so obnoxious.”

The ‘One-Uppers’

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Whenever you tell a story,  there’s always somebody who replies with stupid stuff that does nothing except belittling your problems.

A user says, “For example, you’re telling you’re sick, they’d say, ‘I have been sick all week, and I go to work’ or ‘Did you have 2 hours of sleep? Well, I had 30 minutes of sleep’ or ‘You think that was cool, listen to what I have to say’. 

Too Loud To Be Smart

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Those who think being the loudest in the room deems them the smartest are, in reality, the dumbest. 

“There is a show on ESPN called First Take, but I can’t watch it. The host has only one way of making a point – scream it! He can’t have an intelligent debate”,  says a user.

Those Who Use Their Kids For Clout

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Exploiting children for online fame is problematic on multiple levels. It prioritizes clicks over their well-being, potentially exposes them to harm, and denies them the agency to choose how they’re represented. It’s not just annoying; it’s unfair and can have lasting negative consequences.

A user says, “People who use their young children for clout and internet content. Especially when it’s very apparent the kids are uncomfortable being filmed. Makes me incandescent with rage.”

The Unfunny Jerks

jerks king
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Humor at someone else’s expense, especially their personal struggles, is hurtful and unfair. It invalidates their experiences, creates unnecessary pain, and relies on cruelty rather than cleverness. True humor uplifts, not tears down.

“People who think they are funny but are just being jerks.”, said one.

“Had to agree. Especially if the humor comes at the cost of somebody else’s personal life.”, another added.

High Confidence, Low Intelligence

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Overconfidence in intelligence can blind us to our own gaps in knowledge, hindering learning and growth. Additionally, an air of superiority often pushes others away, making us appear arrogant and unapproachable. True brilliance shines brightest when paired with humility and a willingness to learn.

A user says, “So many of these people these days. You might think having access to all of humanity’s knowledge via the internet would prevent the situation, but alas, the wide reach, access to surface-level knowledge about anything, and the many echo chambers of the internet only embolden them.”

Aggressive Drivers

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Aggressive driving, like weaving through traffic or speeding, is a recipe for disaster. It puts everyone on the road at risk, including yourself. Imagine a chain reaction: your sudden lane change forces another driver to brake, triggering a domino effect of swerves and stops that could easily end in a nasty collision. Even if you avoid an accident, the stress and anger of aggressive driving take a toll on your mental and physical health. So, slow down, relax, and remember, the destination isn’t worth the potential heartache.

A user says, “In real life, I’m sick of aggressive drivers. You are not saving any extra time at the cost of radically increasing your chances of getting into a terrible accident that could hurt innocent people.”

The Public Pranksters

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Public pranks, often meant for laughs, can have unintended consequences that ripple through society. Firstly, they can cause distress and fear, especially for vulnerable individuals like the elderly or children. Imagine a fake spider prank triggering a panic attack or a staged robbery traumatizing someone. Secondly, they erode trust and respect in public spaces. When someone expects the unexpected, like a sudden explosion of glitter or a fake kidnapping, it creates an atmosphere of unease and suspicion.

“People who pull pranks in public on unknowing people to get views. Garbage people.”, said one.

“That’s the problem with prank videos; either everyone is in on it, and thus it’s not really a prank or they are abusing random people in public who just want to go about their day. Turns out, pranks just aren’t that funny.”, another added.

The Mean Squad

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Bullying and empathy-devoid actions wound deepest, etching scars on both victim and society. A cruel word can trigger a cascade of fear, eroding trust and breeding bystander apathy. This chilling domino effect poisons our very connections, leaving everyone feeling unsafe and unseen in a world devoid of compassion.

“Bullies and people who lack empathy.”, said one.

“I’d say people who lack empathy can be worse than bullies because they don’t have anything except for fear stopping them.”, another added.

The Toxic Positivity People

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Toxic positivity stifles genuine emotion, masking struggles with a forced smile. Bottled pain festers, breeding isolation and shame. Growth demands embracing shadows as well as sunshine, and true connection blossoms from shared vulnerability, not toxic cheer.

A user says, “The toxic positivity people. It’s ok for people to be bummed sometimes. It’s ok for not everyone to be best buds with you. Outta my face with that.”


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Tailgaters aren’t just annoying, they’re downright dangerous. Their headlights glaring in your rearview mirror create stress and strain, making it harder to focus on the road. The constant threat of their bumper kissing your trunk feels like an aggressive invasion of your personal space, triggering fight-or-flight responses and raising your blood pressure. Plus, their impulsive maneuvers to get ahead increase the risk of accidents for everyone involved, turning a relaxing drive into a white-knuckled ordeal.

A user says, “Tailgaters. As soon as you tailgate me, you lose all respect I could have had for you because you are endangering MY life as well as your own simply because you want to get somewhere a little quicker.”

People Inflating The Real Estate Market

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Manipulating the real estate market for personal gain can have dire consequences. It inflates prices beyond reach for ordinary families, pushing dreams of homeownership into distant mirages. This leaves communities fractured, with essential workers and young people priced out, creating a ripple effect of economic hardship and social disparity. Ultimately, profiting from someone else’s basic need for shelter is not just unfair, it’s morally dubious.

A user says, “This is the worst offender because it’s actively screwing over anyone and everyone just trying to grow up or get settled and raise a family.”

Those Who Think They’re Never Wrong

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Those who deny their shortcomings dance a solo, forever missing the waltz of growth and connection. Their rigidity stymies progress, while self-inflated grandiosity casts a cold, humorless shadow. In a world fueled by empathy and shared learning, such rigidity becomes not just annoying but an invisible wall repelling genuine connection.

A user says, “People who genuinely think their opinions can’t be wrong. Great excuse for saying something ignorant or ill-informed.”

The Social Media Warriors

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Social media arguments may sizzle with the allure of instant conflict, but they rarely simmer into meaningful change. Echo chambers amplify vitriol, drowning out nuance and empathy. Optimism withers under a barrage of personal attacks and misinformation, replaced by cynicism and disengagement. Remember, progress thrives on open ears, not shouting matches. So, step back from the digital battleground, choose conversations over combat, and let’s rebuild optimism, tweet by tweet.

A user says, “Chronically online Twitter arguers and Tiktok comment whataboutERS. Take a breather.”

Passive Aggressive People

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Passive-aggressives wear masks of smiles and shrugs, their anger seeping from veiled snubs and unspoken resentments. This underhanded hostility stings like a slow burn, leaving others confused, frustrated, and walking on eggshells. The lack of directness breeds insecurity and a constant hum of tension, poisoning relationships and draining emotional well-being.

A user says, “Passive-aggressive People. Sick and tired of it. Been dealing with this my whole life, and I just want it to end.”

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