Every relationship is different, but there are some universal things that women love when their partners do them. These little things make them feel loved, appreciated, and respected. They’re the things that show that their partner is thinking of them and cares about making them happy.

 A user asked the forum, “What are the ‘little things’ that women love their partners to do? You know, just the things that give you an extra bit of happiness in the relationship?”

 Here are some responses he got!


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“I like it when he remembers my general preferences, like how I take my tea or coffee or the kind of snacks or food I might like if he’s grabbing something on the way home.”


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“My husband listens when I talk, then surprises me with what I mentioned. It’s usually the little things. I said I needed a new laundry basket, and two days later, he came home with one. I never asked him to get it. He just did. Sometimes it’s ice cream or snacks, and other times supplies for the house project I mentioned in passing.”


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“Being silly and loud with me. He’s such a serious and quiet man otherwise. Seeing his silly side feels like a privilege and a precious gift.”


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“He makes my coffee daily even though he doesn’t drink any. Every day, I take my coffee mug from him and feel instantly enveloped with love.”


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“Random memes he sends me that he knows will make me smile.”


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“Hand holding! I always want to hold his hand or slightly touch him.”


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“Forehead kisses are the best!”


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“Randomly catch your significant other staring and smiling at you when you are doing something normal.”


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“Compliments on the looks/food/effort/anything. Makes my day.”


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“He brings me a snack before he goes to play video games and asks me if I need anything else. Every once in a while during breaks, he’ll pop out and give me kisses and doesn’t mind if I pop in to give him some kisses, too. (I don’t interrupt the game).”


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“I think it’s picking up the mental load and figuring out how to contribute to the household and me. Yes, I should ask for what I need, and I do, but if the sink is full of dirty dishes, they need to do without my asking. The mental load is a huge burden, and it is nice to share it.”


“Random flowers once in a while, even one flower that you handpicked, means a lot.”


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“Oh, my favorite is when he’s talking to someone/people, and makes eye contact with me and winks.”


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“He buys flowers randomly. Also, he’ll walk by and kiss my forehead when I’m on the couch.”


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“Just any way to show they care, random cuddles, kisses, messages throughout the day, helping with something in the house without asking, planning a day out together.”

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