Astrology is becoming popular among women day by day. A netizen recently asked, “Men, how do you deal with astrology girlfriends?”. Below, we’ve curated the most relevant responses!


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“Depends on how into it they are. If they enjoy it, and it’s not dictating their every decision and interaction? I’m okay with it.

If they only do things based on the stars, and it’s a crucial part of their personality, or do they use theirs as an excuse for nonsense behavior? I wouldn’t be with them.

But I guess you’re asking how to deal with it. My current partner suddenly got heavily into it. I’d work around it as best I can. But it’s hard to say, as she’s not that kind of person at all.”


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“My wife is big into astrology, numerology, and magical stuff. She sets crystals around the house and leaves salt in window frames to ward off evil spirits. She likes to sage the house now and again and does tarot readings.

I’m a skeptical critical thinker and an atheist who doesn’t believe any of that nonsense. But apart from that, she is kind, loving, beautiful and we love each other like crazy.

Sometimes, you can make it work if you accept the person you love for what she is and not what you want her to be. I even let her do readings on me, which I don’t mind, even though I know it’s just pieces of cardboard. Oh, and the reiki that turns into intimacy was awesome, too.” 


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“As long as they dont expect me to partake, I don’t care.”


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“99.99% of ‘astrology girls’ aren’t going to shove it down your throat 24/7. They’ll bring it up occasionally, but for the most part, they’re just ordinary people. I just let people enjoy things.”


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“If it’s obvious it is a big part of who they are, and they genuinely believe it, then I treat it like I was dating someone religious. If it’s too big of a part of who they are, I’d probably leave and find someone more like-minded.

As long as they don’t do anything or believe anything that goes against my core values, then it’s fine.” 


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“I quietly nod and don’t try to interrupt what she’s saying because once she said, I acted like I had a Leo rising, and she was right, so now I just let her do her things. If she starts to get obnoxious about it (which she does), I might ask her to chill a bit, but it’s not often.”


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“My wife is into astrology but isn’t overbearing; it rarely comes up. When it does, I brush it off.

Think of it like religion. If they aren’t hurting anyone or forcing it on you, leave them be; you don’t have to agree. 

I couldn’t see myself dating anyone who is overbearing with it. You need to find someone like-minded if anything is that important to you. Just like someone who is highly religious and very outward with their faith needs to find someone else who is spiritual.”


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“I follow along. I secretly study astrology (for about 5 seconds occasionally) and scatter it into conversation. I say things like, ‘That’s just like a Gemini,’ or ‘Wow, you are such an air sign.’ 

She thinks I have no idea what I’m talking about but also marvels at my uncanny ability to guess it right all the time serendipitously. Plus, it’s so unexpected that it usually gets a laugh. I could do this for the next 100 years, and she wouldn’t ever suspect I do this.” 


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“It is the same way I deal with friends who read sell-side research or watch chart patterns when trading. Accept it and move on!”


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“Treat it like any other interest in someone’s life. If it’s done in a way that’s fun and not all-consuming/destructive psychologically or financially, then what’s the harm? Let people have fun and be weird and curious.

The same can be said of men and their commitment to sports teams, or adults and children’s content (Marvel/Disney/Harry Potter/etc.).”


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“Just nod. Everyone has their weird thing, and often, the astrology stuff is a phase to ‘center’ themselves and believe in a guided reality without the need for a god or organized religion. Plus, if that keeps you mentally stable and it isn’t causing harm, sure, put up a dreamcatcher as long as it’s pretty.

There are also levels of stuff. Tarot readings, reading a daily horoscope, and moon water are low. Once you get into crystal and magnet healing, you’re too far into scam territory for me.

If it’s oppressing or taking up too much, you need to bring it up and recognize you may need to cut the thread eventually. If you can find some middle ground or understanding that you two think differently, it means she values you.”


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“Genuinely don’t think it’s a big deal. There’s a basis (regardless of its accuracy) for many pseudosciences, and it’s fun to explore them at times and let your thoughts wander. It’s like exploring another religion when you’re already convinced of your own. 

I don’t care if it’s real or factual; I care about why the concept exists and why she, along with others, cares about it.” 


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“Support her interests and hobbies like you would hope she does yours. Guaranteed, she doesn’t enjoy everything you do either. 

That being said, everything is in moderation. If it’s putting a strain on your relationship, that’s a clear sign that a conversation needs to happen.”


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“There’s nothing to deal with. Everyone is crazy. Astrology is one of the less problematic forms of crazy.”


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“If she isn’t over the top with it, just live with it; if she’s going out of her way to tell me that I want steak on a Tuesday cause I’m a Pisces, then let’s all just move on.” 

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