A netizen recently asked the forum, “What cities are known for their July 4 Fireworks/Festivals?” Below are the best suggestions we encountered online: 


Wamego, KS

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“I think small-town displays have an awesome vibe that everyone should experience. They might not be the biggest, but they make up for it in the atmosphere.” said one. 

“Wamego, KS has a population under 5,000 but their firework show is the biggest in the state and it’s amazing!

Over 20 minutes long and costs tens of thousands of dollars from donations to put on.”, another user added. 


San Diego

4th of July Fireworks over San Diego skyline. Long exposure night capture.
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“San Diego is known for the fireworks on the bay.

Especially the year they had a computer glitch, and all went off at once!” 



July 4th fireworks above the Charles River in Boston
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“What really makes the Boston fireworks special is the Pops concert. 

I’ve never actually been to them, because getting home from there would be way past my bedtime.

My understanding is that you need to get there early, and basically have at least one person guarding your spot all day, but can obviously switch off.” 



PITTSBURGH, PA - JULY 4, 2018: Fireworks from the river in front of downtown Pittsburgh on Independence Day.
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“Pittsburgh has a very nice right over the three rivers area.”, said one. 

“Pittsburgh. I went to the National Mall on the 4th.

I then went to a non-conference Pitt season opener at Heinz and the show after that game was better than DC.” Another added.


North Carolina

4th of july firework over charlotte skyline
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“The coolest 4th of July fireworks I’ve ever seen were in the mountains of North Carolina.

It was a clear night and we drove up to an overlook nearby.

From the top of the mountain, you could look around in the distance and see multiple fireworks displays from all of the little towns nearby.” 


St. Louis

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“I saw some in St. Louis by the arch 20-some years ago and it was pretty cool.” 



City hall in Philadelphia, PA, USA and fireworks in the night sky show
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“Philly celebrates for like a week and a half and we have multiple fireworks shows, musical performances, free museums, and a giant hoagie.

We are the birthplace of American independence, so we go all out for Independence Day.”


Bristol, RI

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“Bristol, RI. Oldest continuous 4th of July Parade.

The main road through town has a red white and blue centerline.

I don’t know if Chicago is particularly known for it but it has the best public fireworks display I have seen and the Latino neighborhoods south of downtown have such a volume of illegal fireworks and big ones it is almost more impressive.

And I think because the Latino neighborhoods do so much that the old Polish neighborhoods and traditionally black neighborhoods decided they needed to compete. 

The near south side is *nuts* on the 4th. I have heard LA is like that.” 


Dallas Kaboom

9. dallas
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“Dallas Kaboom town was pretty darn cool when I was growing up.

It’s done on the 3rd so you can stay up late partying and have the next day off.

On the 4th just get on any tall structure in Collin County and you’ll be able to see at least 5 different shows cause it’s so flat.” 


New Castle In Pennsylvania

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“New Castle in Pennsylvania used to do a great show for the Fourth every year because the city’s home to two of the largest fireworks companies in the country, Zambelli and Pyrotecnico.

I haven’t actually gone to see it in years, though, so I can’t say for certain if the show’s still any good.” 


Madison, Wisconsin

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“Madison, Wisconsin has a show called Rhythm and Booms.

It’s a fireworks show set to music. You have to take a radio with you in order for you to experience it correctly, or else the timing would be off.” 


Los Angeles 

Downtown Los angeles cityscape with flashing fireworks celebrating New Year's Eve.
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“It’s wild here. Like technically it’s not legal, but it’s not enforced. LA is like a war zone (in a good way) on the 4th.” 



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“Nashville has a great party, complete with fireworks! I’ve been to it a few times and I always have a blast.” 



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“We have a fantastic one in Austin.

They light them off on the damned up section of the river downtown and the symphony plays the 1812 overture that, once it gets to the cannon part, the fireworks start.” 


Detroit and Windsor

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“Not sure how well it’s known but Detroit and Windsor have a joint international Freedom festival. They launch a huge fireworks display on the Detroit River that is really impressive.”


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