White rice, with its neutral flavor profile, can become monotonous when consumed regularly without additional flavor enhancers.

A user asked the forum, “What simple ingredient can elevate white rice?”, Let’s look at the top recommendation from rice eaters.


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“Boil the rice in meat/vegetable stock of your choice.”


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“Unsweetened coconut milk instead of water. I like the one at Trader Joe’s and Target.”


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“Mushroom stock and a little ghee are my standard nowadays.”


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“Furikake seasoning. There are all sorts of flavors, and it’s made for rice.”


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“Canabutter will definitely elevate your rice.”


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“Sesame oil. This! So yummy, every time.”


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“Cook the rice in ramen soup seasoning, and add an egg when it’s done! Stir the egg in quickly, and add a dash of soy sauce or to taste — go Chu Jang is yummy too!”


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“Butter elevates literally everything .”


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“I’m a fan of jasmine rice with a little butter and soy sauce.”


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“Finely diced onion and stock.”


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“I randomly got hold of a cheap bag of “taco seasoning” from the dollar store and fell in love with the stuff. I went back and bought three more bags. I’d swear it’s got a bit of saffron or some other Eastern spice in it*.

Anyway, just a half-teaspoon of that stuff in a big pot of rice makes it come alive. Whatever else I add in is just a bonus.

So don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s hard to mess up rice. Sometimes, I’ve tossed in a dash of something sweet, like a bit of the juice from a can of peaches. It can add some zip.”


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“I buy frozen grilled chicken strips and put them in the steamer part of my rice cooker to heat it with the rice. Maybe some sliced bell pepper, too. Then add a little Szechuan sauce to kick it up a notch. Easy, filling meal in about 20 minutes, most of it just waiting for the cooker.”


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“Black beans. I sometimes add nothing else but that. But cumin, garlic salt, orégano, you can dash on.”


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“Lemongrass, bash it around a bit, put it in the pot with some olive or rapeseed oil, and fry it off for a little bit so the oils take the flavor, then add the rice and let them turn almost translucent m, then add the water and do the usual stuff.

Works super well with garlic, too.”

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