As we get older, our priorities and perspectives change. We start to appreciate the little things in life more, and we become more comfortable in our own skin. But what are some of the specific things that we start to love more as we age?

A user asked the forum, What are you starting to love more as you get older? Here are the common responses. 


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“Quiet, Peace, and alone time.”


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“I recently retired, and the sheer relief at not being ruled by an alarm clock is truly remarkable….just wake up and decide if you will get up or not. Lol,…. life-changing.”


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“Gardening. Hands down. 38-year-old…I talk to my garden every morning. Unreal. I never expected that. Also, reading. At any given time, I’m reading three different books. Man, I’ve turned boring.”


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“People gifting me socks and other essentials. If it keeps me from making a trip to the store, it’s an amazing gift.”


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“Comfortable footwear.”


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“Not giving a thought about how I look or what people think about how I look.”


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“Canceling plans to do absolutely nothing.”


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“Reading. I never was a big reader until I hit my late 20s. Even then, I would only read about 30 minutes daily.

Now I love those moments when I can get comfy, get a cup of tea, and sit for an extended period and just read and enjoy the peace (which is harder to come by with a three and year and a half-year-old).”


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“Definitely cooking.

I treated it as a chore when I was younger, as my mother’s idea of cooking usually involved the instruction to ‘pierce the lid several times.’

Whereas now, I can confidently cook from scratch for myself or others and have it turn out consistently better than expected.

I think relying on a weighing scale for portions was the first real step, and then keeping the heat lower until I knew what I was doing changed it from a chore that either had burnt or wasted food to something I actually love doing correctly.”


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“Cleanliness. I hate cleaning, but a clean room/car is just great.”


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“The calm and stillness of early mornings, birdsong tweeting outside of a window, and the smell of grass when it’s been mowed and the smell of freshly rained upon grass too (it’s refreshing).”


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“Guns. I was raised in the city, most of my family is from cities, and all of them are very anti-gun (politically speaking), so there was never much exposure growing up.

I didn’t shoot one until I was in my late twenties on a camping trip ten years ago, fell in love with it, and eventually decided to get one of my own as a pandemic hobby.

Now I’ve got 8, and I’m a regular at the local range and can even show up the country boys on my partner’s side of the family. Man, they were shocked when my friend Urban was nailing shots out to 50 yards with a handgun! The best thing for my ego all year; I wish I’d gotten into it earlier.”


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“Doing things alone. I used to hate being alone. I still really love being around people, but sometimes I ride my bike by myself or take a long walk, and I really enjoy it.

I don’t have to take anyone else’s feelings or requests into account. I just go where I want to go and do what I want to do, and it’s nice. I also have time to just think. I like that. Still a total extrovert, though.”


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“My parents.

It’s a fluctuating feeling, really. Loved them as a child, rebelled against them as a teen, starting to slowly love them again as a budding young adult in a burning, chaotic society.”


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“Socializing. I was a major outcast as a kid and couldn’t keep any friends. But since I got my job and started talking to people, the world actually doesn’t seem so bad.”


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“Being sober. I finally got clean five years ago after a 20-year addiction. I’ve done a LOT of therapy and healed my childhood trauma. I also have the best PTSD service dog. I’m so grateful to have some inner peace and serenity.”


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“Working. I’m not kidding.

I found every job frustrating until I was in my 40s. If you’d told 30-year-old me that my professional life — which has never been linear — would get better and better every year after age 45 and that I’d land an absolute dream job at 60+, I would have laughed at you. But that’s how it’s all unfolded.”


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“Not hosting holidays and traveling instead. I’m tired of cooking for everyone!”

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