Somethings just seem dangerous but are not actually as dangerous. Do you know of anything like this?

An internet user asked, “What seems very dangerous, but is actually safer than many things?”. The following responses made the most sense!’

Using Sharp Knives

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“Cutting with sharp knives. You’re more likely to cut yourself with a dull knife than a sharp one.”, said one. 

“And accidentally cutting yourself with a sharp knife hurts way less if not at all. Cuts from dull knives hurt badly. I’ve sliced my hand open with a super sharp knife once and there was very little to almost no blood and I felt zero pain and it healed fast.”, another added.

Handling Snakes With No Venom

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“Handling *non-venomous* snakes.  Until it’s over about 12 feet long, the bite is utterly trivial and they aren’t strong enough to subdue you with constriction.

I’ve been bitten by snakes up to 14 feet long, and not a single one has hurt more than getting my blood drawn at the doctor’s office, scuffing my knee on concrete, or stubbing my toe.  Standing on a Lego is FAR worse.

Conversely, do NOT underestimate the seriousness of venomous snake bites, and never even get close unless you’re sure.  70% of venomous snake bites in the US are due to some idiot catching and/or trying to kill the snake, and even species with supposedly mild venom can absolutely screw you up. Just because it doesn’t kill you doesn’t mean it won’t cause permanent tissue or nerve damage.” 

Public Speaking

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“My brain thinks public speaking will result in a torturous death no matter how many times I’ve done it or what information there is to prove otherwise.” 

Nuclear Power 

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“Couldn’t agree more. It’s really clean and compared to other energy forms it’s actually quite safe in this day and age. How many oil workers have been hurt or killed on the job?” 

Flying On An Airplane

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“For me, it’s flying on an airplane. It’s incredibly stressful every time, even though it’s much safer than any other mode of transportation but I still can’t calm myself down.” 


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“More people are killed by dolphins than sharks every year.” 

The Orca

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“The Orca is a predator animal to my knowledge that has never killed a human in the wild.” 


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“Quicksand. I grew up in the UK expecting to fall into quicksand on a daily basis, 25 years so far and I have not yet succumbed to its sticky trap.” 

Going To A Death Metal Concert

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“Going to a death metal concert. Metalheads are extremely polite and friendly people, and even in a mosh pit people will stop everything to pick you up if you fall (or to find your watch if it gets ripped off, as happened to me at a show earlier this year).” 

Being A Sailor

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“Being a sailor. On my route, we’re never more than 2 miles off the coast and usually, we’re within a few hundred yards. Plus being a tugboater if the boat sinks we have the barge and if the barge sinks we can just let it go.” 


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“Policing. Compared to other professions that drive in cars, like delivery drivers, or work on cars or heavy machinery, or around cars like highway maintenance workers, policing is exponentially safer.

Garbage men, farmers, drill workers, and free masons. Policing is ranked 22nd most dangerous job in the US, slightly higher than general Maintenance Workers, who make half as much money but probably have twice as much training.”

Electroconvulsive Therapy

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“Yep. I’ve had 2 rounds, 6 treatments in 2008, and 12 in 2022 and I’m now working full time, stable on less meds, taking care of the house, motivated, horseback riding and doing other hobbies, and planning the future.

It’s not scary or painful in any way. In 2008, maybe a mild headache. In 2022, they gave toradol IV with general anesthesia and no headache. I was going to job interviews in weeks 5 and 6. Working days after.

It’s helpful and has completely changed things for me.” 

Visiting Texas

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“Visiting Texas. You’d be surprised at how often you don’t actually get shot when you’re there. It could always be worse, you could be visiting Florida.”


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“Skiing is a lot safer than you would expect. Just wear your helmet, don’t randomly change direction, be aware of your surroundings, and avoid going in the trees unless you’re with friends and are very good.

Most injuries happen in sticky snow and on the flats when all your momentum stops at once.”

Electricity Around Your Home

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“Electricity around your home, (particularly in Ireland where I know the trade). There are so many safeguards in place in a domestic setting that if it’s done by a registered contractor it’s very difficult to shock yourself unless you actively go out of your way to do something unsafe.” 

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