A subtle sign of low intelligence is an inability to understand or appreciate complexity. People with low intelligence may have difficulty understanding abstract concepts or thinking outside the box. They may also be more likely to believe simplistic explanations or conspiracy theories.

A user asked what’s a subtle sign of low intelligence? and here are 15 top traits 

1. Absence of Curiosity

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“No curiosity about ANYTHING.”

“This one really gets me. I feel like I’m curious about almost everything, and people are completely fine not knowing anything at all about most things.”

2. Believing Anything on Social Media

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“Believing anything they read on social media.”

3. Confusing Opinions with Facts

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“People who confuse their opinions with facts.”

4. Knowing Everything

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“People who think they know everything are generally pretty stupid.

Smart(er) people will defer questions to qualified and experienced individuals because they are acutely aware of their limitations, which helps make them smart. They’re not scared to admit they lack knowledge in specific topics or fields. And they will learn from that more experienced person to add to their library of knowledge and experience.

Stupid people don’t know they’re stupid; they think they know everything, and won’t seek out more experienced people and admit to their limitations, admit they don’t know anything about certain things.”

5. Adamant on Their Opinion

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“The inability, or unwillingness, to change one’s opinion when confronted with new information. No matter how much they’re proven wrong on a given topic if a person digs their heels in, they’re an idiot.”

“Not capable of understanding a nuanced point.”

6. Not Understanding the Basics of Finance

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“Buying a new car when you’re broke.”

“Dude, yes…. I have a broke friend, already barely making ends meet; what did she do a few months ago? Buy a TRUCK. When gas is $5 a gallon. Now she can’t even afford to take her kid to the dentist when he has cavities so bad his teeth hurt.”

7. Calling Something Stupid

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“Calling something stupid because they can’t understand it.”

8. Thinking Their Opinion is Everyone Else’s

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“Thinking their opinion/ perspective is also everyone else’s, thinking ‘no one does that’ because they don’t do that.”

9. Inability To Accept New Ideas

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“Inability to accept new ideas. A truly intelligent person will listen and try to learn from something even if they believe it’s bogus.”

10. Assumption of You Being Dumb

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“I’ve noticed that the dumber someone is, the dumber they assume everyone else is.”

11. Inability to Understand Perspectives

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“Inability to see from another perspective.”

“100% so true. They can’t comprehend what you’re trying to convey.”

12. Inability to Admit They Don’t Know Something or They’re Wrong

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“The inability to admit when they don’t know something.”

13. Mocking Others

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“Mocking or Making fun of people who want to learn more or get a higher education.”

“To piggyback on this: people who mock others who are intelligent but couldn’t get a higher education. Assuming they can’t be intelligent unless they follow the traditional education path.”

14. Obsessing Over IQ

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“Obsessing over an IQ score.”

“Yes! I had a guy in college who kept bragging he had an IQ of 110. I was like, dude….”

15. No Humility

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“Not being humble.”

“Intelligent people know that there is a vast world outside, and people have as much caliber as them if not more.”

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