A couple decides to move in together due to the difficulty of finding affordable rentals in their area. However, an unexpected revelation about the woman’s homeownership causes tension in the relationship.

A user took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for not telling my boyfriend I own the house I live in?”


The Original Poster’s (OP) boyfriend, a 25-year-old man, and OP, a 26-year-old woman, decided to move in together. His lease had expired, and his roommates planned to move out with their girlfriends. Due to their area’s current rental market situation, he needed help finding an affordable place close to his workplace.

OP, who has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for just over a year, offered him to move into her home. It was a 20-minute commute for him to work, and OP’s friend had recently moved out to live with her parents again, leaving only OP in the house.

After agreeing to move in with OP, the boyfriend moved in about three weeks ago. However, an issue arose when he asked OP how much his half of the rent would be, and OP responded that rent wasn’t an issue and would be easier to continue with the current arrangement even after he moved in. The boyfriend was taken aback, but they eventually agreed to split the cost of water, electricity, groceries, etc., equally, 50/50.

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What Happened Next?

During the past weekend, OP had some family over, and her father inquired about interest rates and her mortgage. The boyfriend overheard their conversation, and after OP’s family had left, they argued.

After discovering that OP owned her home, the boyfriend became upset and felt she had deceived him by not disclosing this information earlier. He thought that OP had betrayed his trust.

OP acknowledges the boyfriend’s perspective and understands why he may feel upset. However, OP does not believe that the situation was a significant issue, as she had intended to inform him eventually but did not feel it was necessary.

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OP’s friends offered differing opinions regarding the situation. Some expressed that OP should have told her boyfriend about owning her home before he moved in. However, a few others believe that it was not a significant issue.

OP thinks the main reason for the situation is that she did not inform her boyfriend that she owned the house they currently live in. She feels that telling him would not have changed if they had moved into a rental property together.

She wants to know whether she did something wrong. 

Was OP right in not telling her boyfriend she owned the house? Was it inappropriate for OP’s boyfriend to get upset over this even though OP never charged him rent?What are your thoughts on this?

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