Have you ever encountered a real-life traumatic mystery case that had remained unresolved for the longest time and been stuck in your mind ever since? We apologize if this took your brain on an eerie flashback trip. 

An internet user recently asked, What case would you like to see resolved, but unfortunately, there is little or no chance of it being resolved? Following are the top responses: 


Septic Tank Sam

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“Gordon Sanderson, formerly nicknamed “Septic Tank Sam.” Found in a septic tank in 1977, his body showed signs of being tortured before he was killed. He was unidentified until last year. It’s doubtful they’ll find out who is responsible for his demise.” Said one.  

“I always thought there was no way he would be identified, but now we know his name. keeping up hope.” Another added. 


Yogurt Shop Murders

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“One of the girls is buried adjacent to my FIL and step-sister. We always pay our respects to her when we go put flowers for our loved ones. I can’t imagine her family’s pain.” Said one. 

“The infuriating thing about that case is that police extorted confessions out of two kids that were teenagers at the time. One of them was sentenced to death based on zero evidence other than the bad confession. Fortunately, the conviction was overturned before DNA cleared him, but that kid came very close to being executed for the murders. Then the police would have congratulated themselves for a good day’s work, closed the case, and nobody would’ve been looking for the real killers.” Another added. 


Al Kite’s Murder

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“Al Kite. He was tortured and murdered by a man posing as a tenant, who went to great lengths to hide his identity (including possibly faking an accent and using a fake cane). Basically, everything about the suspect was falsified, and every witness who saw him gave a very different description. 

There’s no apparent motive, as Al wasn’t involved in anything sketchy, and the killer only took enough money to reimburse himself for everything he spent to commit the murder. It seems random because he met with other landlords in the area and scoped out their properties, seemingly wanting to find a target in a well-secluded location. But the sheer brutality and planning also make one wonder if Al was targeted, with the other landlords being a smokescreen. 

The whole case is just so bizarre, and there have never been any promising leads.”


Brian Shaffer

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“That whole family went through so much trauma and heartbreak in such a short time; they deserve to know *something* about Brian’s disappearance/whereabouts at this point,” said one. 

“Yes. I live in Columbus, and this has always been one that I’ve hoped would be solved.” Another added. 


Tristan Brübach

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“German case, who killed Tristan Brübach? A 13-year-old boy was murdered in an underpass on a Friday afternoon in a large city. The perpetrator/s took parts of the body with them. His grave was professionally opened at night, but nothing was taken. He was about my age in 1998, and it creeps me out till today.” Said one 

“The one case that won’t leave my head,” Another added.  


Setagaya family murders in Japan

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“Setagaya family murders in Japan.

It’s said from the evidence that it was a young male half-European/half-Japanese skateboarder with sand from the SW United States in his backpack.  He brutally killed a whole family and brazenly ate and drank food from their fridge after the murders. Shockingly, it was never solved.”


Lake Bodom Murders 

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“That picture of a crowd of people featuring the guy that looks exactly like the Lake Bodom suspect composite sketch always freaks me out!” Said one. 

“That’s an ominous photo and a very distinct-looking man in the crowd. Who very much resembles the police sketch. Could the man have been returning to the scene of his crime? Sadly, it’s more than likely we may never know.” Another added. 


Little Gregory 

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“The case of Little Gregory (le petit Gregory), a French case. I do believe this case will never be solved, even if every few years they say that they found his murderer,” Said one. 

“Such a twisted little story. The Netflix doc painted the entire extended family as such a strange bunch. By the documentary’s end, I was more confused than at the start!” Another added.  


St. Louis Jane Doe

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“St. Louis Jane Doe.  This case haunts me” Said one. 

“This one. They can’t even test her sweater again for new evidence because they lost it. It’s so, so frustrating. That poor baby girl.” Said another. 


Lars Mittank

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“The disappearance of Lars Mittank. He walks into the airport uneventfully, and moments later, the camera spots him running out of the building at full speed. He seemingly disappears into thin air. That case has always haunted me.” Said one. 

“This one is a real head-scratcher. How many acres of land did he run into? There are usually hundreds of empty land around airports. I am amazed that he or his remains are yet to be located, and I don’t have a lot of faith in the investigation into his disappearance. A miracle if it gets solved.” Another added.  


The Springfield Three 

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“So many, but the Springfield Three is a huge one for me. 30 years and no trace of three adult women. I hope I live to see them found or for someone to tell the truth. Just boggles my mind thinking about it.” Said one. 

“IF Suzy and Stacey had slept at Janelle’s house on that fateful night, would it just be Sherrill that disappeared? I go back and forth and the only thing that makes sense is that it was a lone abductor with a gun who knew the house and had been watching it for a while.” Another added. 


Bayard Cousins

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“I wish we could identify the boy who allegedly hung himself and was found on Valentines Day 1975 in Louisiana. That case has always pulled at my heart strings. Apparently Katrina destroyed any chance we had at identifying him. :(” Said one. 

“It’s widely believed he was Bayard Cousins, who went missing from Virginia Beach around February 1, 1975- if we’re talking about the same doe, a quick google will give you all the info. Very compelling.” Another added. 


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