Going out is fun, but what if you spend a tonne of money on something you can do at home? 

A Redditor asked Am I wrong for refusing to take my girlfriend to nice places because she eats like a kid? We want to hear from you.


The Original Poster’s (OP) girlfriend is an incredibly picky eater. “As I said in my title, she eats like she is ten years old”.

She refuses to eat; unflavored water, fish (excluding fried shrimp), anything with bones, cheese other than sharp cheddar, spinach, onions, garlic, pasta without red sauce, eggs, spicy food, aioli, ketchup, potatoes (other than french fries), pastries with fruit, citrus, sausage or any “non-American” food.

OP, on the other hand, is a bit more adventurous regarding food.

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What Happens Usually?

Whenever OP and his girlfriend go out somewhere nice she ends up getting the same meals, usually either a burger or chicken tenders and fries.

They could go to an authentic Nepalese restaurant, and she will get french fries and white rice. To OP, it’s kind of embarrassing to go to a restaurant where there is a dress code and for her to order chicken tenders and fries.

It especially bothers OP since he typically pays. He ends up paying 15 bucks for chicken tenders that he could get from the freezer section at Walmart for 5 bucks.

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What Happened Recently?

Recently, a nice dinner place opened up in their area, and his girlfriend has been dying to go. OP looked at the place and the menu and saw that it looked nice, but the food was pricy. She said she was probably gonna get chicken tenders as per usual.

OP asked her what was the point of going then if he could toss some tenders in the air fryer for her and not spend a ridiculous amount of money on it.

She asked why OP had an attitude about this, and he told her that he thought going to a nice place to get little kid food was a waste of time and money. She interpreted this as OP calling her a little kid.

OP says, ‘I clarified that I wasn’t calling her a child; however, it is childish for her to eat the way she does. I also said that if she’s gonna order food, we can make it at home. There’s is no point in us going anywhere. This led to an argument about me thinking I’m better than her.”

OP asks if he is wrong.

What do you think? Is OP right in refusing to go to a nice place with her? Was it inappropriate for OP’s girlfriend to keep ordering the same thing and paying a premium price?

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