Inflation is at its peak these days. Pay remains the same, but essentials and other luxury things have become expensive. 

A user asked the forum, “What is one thing you flat out just don’t know how people can afford?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Eyelash extensions and the upkeep of them.”


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“Secret hidden families. I can barely afford one.”


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“I still don’t know how we can afford daycare. At one point, I had two kids in daycare for a year before the oldest went to kindergarten.”


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“A boat or RV, Recreational Vehicle (or both)! I can barely afford to exist, much less spend all this money on recreation.”


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“People who eat exclusively by ordering takeaways or delivery from restaurants. It’s mind-bogglingly expensive.”


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“Multiple-family foreign holidays per year. To be clear, I’m not criticizing anyone on this, and I appreciate that if you live in mainland Europe, it’s easier than here (Scotland).

I am genuinely amused/bemused when I see people on social media on their 2/3/4 foreign holiday of the year.

We went to Portugal last year (A fantastic country, by the way). With two adults and two kids (the eldest boy was playing in a football tournament), it was probably £3.5k, which was done cheaply. We don’t ever go into debt for a holiday, though.”


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“First-class airfare is just so overwhelmingly expensive compared to regular seats. I can’t imagine anyone ever having that amount to spare unless you’re incredibly wealthy.”


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“Modern-day house prices. Once, $600K could buy you a severe mansion. Now, it’s an average family home. I make a good income; my girlfriend also has an average income. Yet we can barely afford an averagely priced house these days.”


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“Being a bridesmaid. Weddings have become more elaborate, with multiple showers and bachelorette weekends.”


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“Weddings. I’m a wedding bartender, and people dropping $30k on one day is insane.”


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“Veterinary bills. Even routine care and vaccinations can be $400. If there are unique issues or an emergency, you’re paying thousands, and they won’t care until you pay.”


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“Pet insurance. Yes, it is about $100 a month, but my dog had to have two knee surgeries. Without it about $8000. I paid $300 each time. It doesn’t cover routine stuff, just unexpected costs when a pet gets sick.”


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“Eldercare. $300 a day is typical for most states, and it goes up if they need special care (dementia, etc.)

Out of 4 Americans who reach the age of 21, 3 of them are likely to live up to 65. Among those individuals, 2 out of 3 will require long-term care for an average of 3 years. 

Not all long-term care is nursing level, but some are even more expensive, like memory care, etc. It comes to roughly $150k per person and almost double that if you limit it to those who need any. 

Somewhere between a generous down payment and a new house. Who can afford that, especially after decades of not working?”


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“Coffee from the barista every day. Some people go multiple times a day. Astonishing.”


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“Cosmetic surgery or procedures. Lip fillers, skin peels, lashes, and hair extensions. Their husband is a solar salesman, and they stay home with the kids. How can they afford it? I would never understand.”


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“Trucks. I had no idea they were so expensive.”


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“A person I know gets her nails professionally done every week.”


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“Designer clothing. Spending hundreds of dollars on pants is ludicrous to me.”


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“Porsches. They’re everywhere now. People drive Porsche, a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), to the grocery store.”


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“More than one child. My husband and I have a beautiful 4.5-year-old daughter whom we adore. We are so content with her and feel our family is complete. But on top of that, she is expensive. I don’t know how people in the United States can afford more than one kid without absolutely massive lifestyle changes.”

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