Have you ever wondered what guys think about the things we often associate with them? From trendy activities to popular gifts, there are a surprising number of things that many men don’t enjoy.

In this article, we get genuine and honest with a group of men about their hidden dislikes. No topic is off-limits, and we’re here to unpack some of the biggest myths and misconceptions about what guys like.


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Accents are fascinating! They add a layer of personality and cultural richness to our speech. While most people find accents charming and attractive, some struggle with understanding them. 

A user says, “Accents. I don’t have anything against them. The problem for me is I have a hard time understanding what someone is saying. I tend to reply yes. Once, I had to go shopping for a whole day ’cause I couldn’t figure out what a girl asked me.” 


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Faking appearance to impress others always drives men crazy. Most of them don’t like it. A user says, “Big bottoms like Kim Kardashian. Just don’t get why so many do BBL(Brazilian Butt Lift)!” 


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Movie stars and conventionally attractive women often trigger a strong emotional response in men due to factors like beauty, success, and perceived unattainability. However, not all men are swayed by these qualities. Some find them shallow or intimidating and prefer partners who are more grounded and relatable. 

A user says, “I do not understand what many guys find attractive about the ‘really hot’ women they go on and on about. I’m all for everyone having a type, but things like models or movie stars, I just don’t find that great.”


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Some men feel uncomfortable with the term “daddy” due to its potential connotations. It can evoke feelings of creepiness or incest, as it blurs the lines between romantic and parental roles. Additionally, it may imply a power imbalance, with the woman adopting a submissive and childlike role, which some men find undesirable in a relationship.

A user says,”Anything that involves the woman referring to her man as ‘daddy’ or something similar. It doesn’t just ‘not do it’ for me. It’s actively a turn-off.”


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Some men dislike twerking for various reasons. Some find it lacking in elegance or sophistication, while others may associate it with the objectification of women. It could also be a personal aversion to the specific movements or the associated music. Ultimately, individual preferences and interpretations significantly affect how men view and respond to twerking.

A user says,”Twerking is appealing to somebody, but it’s not me.” 


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Some men find chest tattoos on women unappealing, viewing them as unprofessional, aesthetically disruptive, or limiting clothing options. Ultimately, personal preferences and individual interpretations of tattoos play a key role in their attraction.

A user says, “Chest tattoos, especially in the cleavage.” 


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Some men dislike explicit adult films due to their portrayals of unrealistic scenarios, potentially harmful stereotypes, and the objectification of individuals. Additionally, they may find the content repulsive, distasteful, or lacking emotional connection.

A user says, “Gross adult films. They make me feel cheap, dirty, and immoral, and I wouldn’t say I like feeling any of those things. Yes, I’m a heterogender male with normal needs.”


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Some men find excessive makeup unattractive as they prefer a more natural look, believing it allows them to appreciate a woman’s true beauty and feel a more genuine connection. They may also dislike the perceived artificiality of heavy makeup or find it unnecessary to enhance a woman’s natural features.

A user says,”Most men like a woman to get dressed in heels. I prefer a bare face and simple/comfortable attire.”


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Some men may dislike submissive girls as they prefer partners who are assertive, independent, and express their own opinions and desires. They may find submissiveness unchallenging or boring, and may value a more dynamic and equal partnership.

A user says,”I don’t like submissive women. I don’t want a person I have to treat like a child or tell them what to do. I don’t need her under me 24/7. I never understand why people want that.” 


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Long fake nails look weird and artificial. Most men don’t prefer fake nails. 

A user says, “I don’t know about other men, but an instant turn-off has to be the meter-long fake nails. Like seriously, what is with that?! However, I would say intelligence is an underrated turn-on!” 


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Some men find high-maintenance girls challenging in relationships due to the perceived imbalance in effort and needs. They might feel pressure to constantly cater to desires and expectations, leaving them drained and unappreciated.

A user says,”When you date someone, it should feel like they are a friend and a partner. Things flow easily, fights are infrequent, and little relationship ‘maintenance’ needs to be done.When you are with someone who is ‘high maintenance,’ it feels like you’re with someone who is your boss and a spoiled brat. Something is always wrong, and things need to be ‘fixed.'” 


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Some men find pole dancing unattractive, and they don’t prefer it. A user says, “I don’t understand what is hot about pole dancing in strip clubs.” 


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Not everyone is attracted to the lingerie because of their personal preference. Some men find it strange and unattractive. A user says, “Most lingerie. I can like a cute little nightie, but those that involve strappy stuff that doesn’t even cover the intimate areas are weird.” 

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