In a world perpetually pursuing enhanced cleanliness and hygiene, it’s intriguing that certain unsanitary and revolting practices persist as normalized behaviors.  A user asked on the forum, “.What is something dirty and disgusting that people still normalize?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“People using their kids for likes online. Mom bloggers need to be stopped. Suppose you look at who’s following them. Just stop putting your kids online.”


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“Family vlogs where parents profit off of putting their kid’s most embarrassing moments on the internet for everyone to laugh at.”


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“Dumping tonnes of our garbage in the oceans on an industrial scale.”


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“Showing red flags in movies through romantic angles so they don’t look red flags.”


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“Taking one-sided narratives at face value, without realizing that they’re often told by individuals with clear biases who conveniently omit unfavorable details about themselves while emphasizing only those aspects that cast the other party in a negative light.”


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“Throwing cigarette butts on the ground. I’m a smoker, and it makes me livid when I see people do this. It’s disgusting.”


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“Cheating on their spouse, cheating even if they are in a relationship, is bad enough, but cheating when married is a different kind of messed up. One of my friends talked about how 80% of people in his company cheat on their wives and husbands. It made me nauseous.”


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“Coughing and sneezing without covering your mouth. See it in my office and bus every day.”


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“Real estate hoarding during a housing affordability crisis. This is such a massive issue where I live. Whenever they build new houses, they are bought up instantly by rich landlords who immediately turn them all into apartments or rent them out for an insane cost every month.

It’s so unfair that young couples and individuals cannot find a house to buy. We’re just stuck renting for our entire lives.”


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“Not washing your hands after caressing money and other items that have been used many times prior in public.”


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“I always found it weird and gross when in movies, when somebody had to throw up, they would put their whole face into the toilet… like their head is fully inside. How disgusting is that? Plus, you never know if someone used that right before you.”


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“Objectifying teens in the adult industry and movies in general.”


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“The media downplaying the grooming and rape of boys by women. It’s not often portrayed as the predatory behavior that it is.”


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“Insurance. I will pay for protection on my car, health, home, etc., to have the insurance companies make up a thousand excuses not to give some of that money back when something goes wrong.”


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“The ones who act like their son is their boyfriend get jealous when their son has a girlfriend. It’s creepy, it’s emotionally wrong, yet it gets normalized by so many people.”

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