Social media, these days, is filled with appreciation, reviews, memes, and criticism of Greta Gerwig’s movie Barbie. Apparently, there’s an entire group ganging up against the movie and blindly spewing hatred for not-so-understandable reasons.

A netizen recently shared a Twitter screenshot, asking, “Why the hate for Barbie?”.We’ve compiled the best responses below

It Doesn’t Fit Their Agenda

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“It’s something not specifically made for the straight, white, male 18-34 demographic. Therefore it’s an attack on them.”, said one.

“Exactly. I saw it described by someone I follow on TikTok as ‘a movie for the gals, gays, and theys’ and it’s spot on it was so fun, and so nice to see a movie that didn’t give any hype about straight white men.”, another added.

Haters Are Hypocrites And Crybabies

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“But every film where a woman is stalked, killed, threatened or just belittled and put in ‘her place’ is just fine and dandy and it just shows how over-emotional the weaker gender is that they get upset about what is just a film/s.”

They CAN NOT Fathom The Fact That Barbie Isn’t A Teenager

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“It’s harder to groom adult self-aware Barbie, instead of the fantasy ‘perfect teen’ Barbie.”

Somebody Told Them It’s ‘Woke Ideology’

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“Barbie was made for girls, I don’t understand the concept of hating something simply to hate it because some short jerk or Ted Cancruz calls it woke ideology. Pretty simple tough guys out there, don’t see the movie.”

It Celebrates Femininity

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“If it celebrates femininity in any aspect, it’s a big threat to conservative manchildren.”, said one.

“I just finished watching the movie and yeah, it’s a movie celebrating women and feminism. It also has a pointed message about men accepting themselves outside of society’s expectations. It’s just not the focus. Because the movie wasn’t made for men specifically.”, another commented.

The ‘Genderflip’ Is Their Biggest Fear

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“They see the matriarchy in Barbieland, which happens to be an exact gender flip of our world–-and being treated the way they treat women is their worst fear.”

Ironically, They’re Bothered By ‘Just Words’

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“The irony of conservatives losing their minds about the Barbie movie because of scenes or lines they don’t like is great. These are the same people who will watch a real video of someone being extremely bigoted and say ‘Lol snowflakes. It’s just words. Get over it.”

It’s Promoting Something That Doesn’t Align With Their Fantasies

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“Girls like a thing. The thing is not pristinely innocent and feminine in a way that suits patriarchal male physical intimacy fantasies. Thus, things must be bad because girls who are not pristinely innocent and feminine are bad.”

They Cannot Distinguish Between Anti-Male And Anti-Patriarchy

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“It’s not anti-male, it’s anti-patriarchy and if you can’t distinguish the two you’re part of the problem.”

Their Fragile Egos

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“Fragile egos. Complete Bell ends up thinking they are legitimate people when they are just clowns.”

It Challenges The Status Quo

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“Because women like it and it challenges the status quo. As a dude, I was mildly uncomfortable with like two jokes. Mildly.But apparently, conservatives are snowflakes.”

The Movie Held Up A Mirror Against Them

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“Just watched the movie. They’re mad because it held up a mirror against their ugly face. I’m a fairly progressive dude and even some parts of it got me thinking like ‘damn, I really do be mansplaining nonsense to people sometimes’.

Didn’t walk away feeling like it was an attack, more like a realization of what I think my role in life is—which is an oddly existential feeling for a seemingly playful movie to evoke.

If you watched the movie and your jimmies were rustled to the point where you’re upset about it, I’ve got some news for you dawg…you da real snowflake and you’re getting left behind.”

Ken’s Portrayal Hit Them Hard

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“A lot of men are also super angry with the portrayal of Ken in the movie. They don’t understand that Ken is a Barbie *accessory* that’s how it was *meant* to be! Also, Ken did go through a phase of being a gay bottom but I think we might melt a conservative mind with that one so we’ll leave it off for now.”

They’re Being Called Out

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“This movie got way deeper than I expected. They’re mad because their trad-wife and patriarchal stuff got accurately called out.”

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