A lot of times, we think a date is going great and might just be the one we’ve been looking for forever…only to watch our dreams crumble before our eyes due to one wrong.

An internet user asked, “What was a time in which a date was going well, but the other person ruined it?”. Below are some of the incidents people shared along the same lines.

He Snapped Her Bracelet

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“I was out with a guy having a lovely time and he made a comment about a copper bangle bracelet I was wearing. I told him that it was really special to me, I got it during my semester abroad in South Africa from a local.

It was a solid copper band but in the middle, there was copper wire woven around. He asked to take a closer look so I took it off and handed it to him. He then snapped it in half thinking the copper wire was a spring.

I was visibly upset and he said that it was a sign that I needed to move on from my trip and stop living in the past (?!!?). I never spoke to him again.”

The Irrelevant Accusation

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“We had dinner and all was going well, and we were wandering down the dark sidewalk engaged in conversation when she walked straight into a signpost that neither of us noticed.

I let out one nervous laugh before I could stop it, and she accused me of engineering the event for my amusement.”

The Obsession With Kids

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“Literally went on a date last night and was going really well until dessert when he said ‘god, I can’t wait to put kids in you.’. We hadn’t even talked about kids at that point.”

The Twitter Warrior

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“Like the first 80% of it was a nice/awkward but cute first date. Then at the end, she pulled out her phone and started fighting with people on Twitter and narrating all of it. It was a long drive back.”

The Unappreciated Move

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“Went bowling with a guy and a couple of friends, we were getting along pretty well, but when we were sitting together on my friend’s turn to bowl he put his hand on my thigh. I wasn’t into physical affection from people I don’t know well and wasn’t comfortable with him yet so I politely and subtly scooched his hand away so as to not bring attention to it and embarrass him.

That in itself wasn’t an issue because he shot his shot, why not? My problem became when he put his hand BACK and gripped my leg assertively. I wasn’t having it and figured he just didn’t get the hint, so I picked up his hand and moved it back to his own lap.

He shot a look at me and then dove his hand into my inner thigh (the part you touch to initiate something y’know) and I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand out and looked over at him with the most definitive “NO” on my face I could.

We did not go out again. If a man can’t respect my physical boundaries in public, he sure as hell won’t respect them in private.”

The Over-Excited Woman

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“I was on a date with a newly divorced woman. We were having a nice dinner and getting to know each other before it turned awkward. She didn’t tell me she had kids until we were eating dinner, and she began moving things way too fast, talking about me meeting her kids right away, moving in together, etc.

This was **on our first date**, and I didn’t want to be anybody’s step-parent as yet.

We finished our dinner and parted ways amicably after a heart-to-heart, and there were no hard feelings. She was simply getting carried away with the excitement of being single and going out with new people.

She agreed that she needed to let the ink dry on her divorce a little longer and take her time before introducing new people to her children, and we fell out of contact soon after.”

The Unclear Withdrawal

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“Ordered a pint of beer, it was really good. Got halfway through waiting for the date to show up. She sat down, chatted and said ‘This isn’t what I was expecting’ then got up and left. Ruined my beer. My dating pictures were accurate, so I’m not sure what happened.”

Her Fiance Existed

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“Our *first* date was amazing. I still reminisce about how incredible that night was and how incredible I thought my life was about to become.

But the afternoon before what was supposed to be our second date, I got a voicemail, ‘I know you went out with my fiance last night. I’m not mad at you. I’m sure you didn’t know I existed. But I do, and I’d appreciate it if you stopped seeing her.’


He Came With His Parents!

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“Not me but a friend of mine. This was when we were around 22, 23 years old. She had a first date with a guy. They were meeting at a restaurant for dinner. She gets there and sees not only him but 2 other people at the table.

Turns out he invited his parents to their date! So she, of course, excused herself to go to the bathroom and then just bounced. Talk about awkwardness. I have never laughed so hard as when she recounted her evening.”

The Trauma-Strucken Single Mom

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“I met a single mom at Denny’s and we were getting along pretty good and talking about our families and stuff. I mentioned that I don’t get along with my dad because he’s a narcissist and she said ‘So is my ex’ and immediately started crying. For the rest of the date, I was her psychologist.”

She Used To Do Meth With Her Mom

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“I had a buddy whose date was pretty cute. Then she took a phone call from her mom. She then said that she was going to go do meth with her mom and did he want to join. He declined.”

She Left Me At The Bar

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“After dinner, we went to a bar. Everything seemed to be going well. We had a good conversation and we made out.

The bar was getting packed for some reason so we decided to go back to my place. I told her I needed to go to the restroom first.

She said she would wait for me outside. When I was finished, I went outside and saw her jumping into the back of a pickup with a bunch of people and leaving.

She later texted me saying she bumped into her best friend and they were going to a party but they didn’t want to go along. I never saw her after that.”

He Was Not Only Overly Frugal But Also A Creep

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“Turned up, and asked me what I wanted to drink so I chose a beer. I went to the toilet and came back and it wasn’t the beer I asked for. So I ask, did they not have the one I wanted? He replies that this one was 20p cheaper. Ok, slightly baffled but he was a student so let it off.

He proceeds to talk about how broke he is, I wasn’t much better off but felt deep guilt so spent the rest of the night footing the bill but I didn’t mind as he was cool and we had a lot in common.

When the time comes to go home he walks me to my bus stop and randomly pulls out 20 quid and goes to get a kebab, without so much as an offer for me.

I was actually dying inside and knew I wouldn’t be seeing him again. Got home, and an unsolicited pee-pee pic was sent with an invitation to see me again. See him again, I did not.”

The Racist Chick

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“Went on a date with a gorgeous girl from college. We had similar tastes in music and I asked her about her Skrewdriver T-shirt she was wearing and she went on to brag about the band’s white supremacist theme.”

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