Frugality doesn’t mean sacrificing your happiness or well-being. It would be best if you learned how to live within your means and make intelligent financial choices without compromising on the things that matter most to you.

From healthcare to spending on good quality shoes, there are many things people cannot let go of. Here are 10 individuals who share the items they cannot cheap out on:


1. Tissue Paper 

Tissue paper is a sensitive topic for many, and we’re not surprised that people do not want to cheap out when it comes to this. 

My personal one is tissue paper; I can’t stand 1-ply, must have a certain kind of quilted 2-ply. I’ve tried, but I can’t do it. I’ll pay the $4 difference for an 18-pack,” said a user. 

1-ply toilet paper is cheap, not frugal, and there’s no point in it because you have to use so much more.” said another. 

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2. Shared Living 

Shared living is cost-effective and followed by many as a way to save money. It is mainly considered by college students, new graduates, or people with considerably low incomes. 

But, many would prefer staying alone and not dealing with a roommate. 

For me, it’s living alone. I had bad roommates for about 10 years, and now? I’ll eat rice and beans and ramen for the rest of my life if it means having my space.” shared a user.

“My mental health has value beyond what money can buy. I cannot and will not do roommates again.” shared another.

This. I have a 2 bedroom house, but I’ll starve before letting someone else move in. I VALUE my alone time.” shared yet another.


3. Maple Syrup And Butter For Pancakes

Many people, including me, are specific about how we want to eat our favorite foods. No wonder people do not want to go frugal on maple syrup and butter for their pancakes. 

I use maple syrup for pancakes, and the other sugary syrups just won’t be due after I discovered maple syrup. Also, butter, I won’t use margarine, and I’d buy store-brand butter over any margarine.” shared one. 

Same. I don’t eat a lot of pancakes, but when I do, it’s real maple and butter or nothing. We have an annual maple syrup festival here, and the quart I buy for like $20 lasts the whole year.” shared another.


4. Female Hygiene

There is no way any woman who earns decently well want to cheap out on female hygiene product. You will end up dealing with a huge medical bill if you do. 

A user shares, “I don’t skimp on feminine hygiene products, and I will only use the nice cotton ones. Growing up, we had the cheap kind with rayon, and it felt awful.”


5. Sunscreen

This is me, but with sunscreen. I’ve only found one that doesn’t break me out or burn my skin. Of course, it’s the one that’s like $30, and at least it lasts around a month.” shared a user.

I can relate. Elta MD is the only one I have tried so far that does not break me out. Paying that $41 makes me cringe, but I do it. I would love to find a good inexpensive sunscreen that my skin would accept.” shared another. 


6. Car Tires

A user shared, “Good tires for my car.” 

Yes! I can tell a big difference with my rain performance tires (or at least I tell myself I can tell the difference to make the cost sting less),” shared another.

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7. Shoes

Work shoes. Even from the clearance section Alegrias are 60-70 bucks, but they are the only ones I can wear without limping halfway through the shift.” shared a user. 

Good, comfortable shoes are so important! My feet are getting less tolerant of cheap shoes, and now I have to go all out, or I’ll be in pain. Physical health must be looked after.” shared another. 

I won’t buy cheap running shoes. Spend the money now and save your knees later.” another said. 


8. Undergarments

Spending a lot of money on undergarments can be controversial among frugalistas. I don’t prefer spending a tonne of money on them, but I also know people with medical conditions, size issues, etc., who cannot cheap out. 

I absolutely cannot buy cheap alternatives to brassieres (because normal stores don’t even carry my size),” shared a user.


9. Shampoo

“I won’t use really cheap shampoo like White Rain or VO5. No judgment on those who do; it just makes my hair like a straw. There’s a lot of things I won’t compromise on, now that I think of it, but those are mostly related to food.” shared someone. 


10. Physical Health-Related Items

Anything that directly impacts my physical health, I usually won’t skimp on. Exercise equipment & classes, running shoes, fresh produce, wild-caught seafood, specific vegan versions of high-cholesterol foods (because I need to lower mine), certain pricier supplements, and my employer’s most expensive health insurance plan.

I also go to the dentist 4x/a year for cleanings. I have a Sonicare toothbrush, water flosser, prescription toothpaste, and mouthguard. Basically, I do whatever the dentist tells me.” shared one. 

“I’m older than most Redditors (51) and have seen the financial damage health problems will cause, even small ones. Not to mention the effect untreated health problems have on your entire life.” shared another. 

I hope you enjoy this Reddit discussion on what is your frugal limit. In short, what are some of the things that you just cannot be frugal about? 

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