Insecure people often dominate conversations, and they’re not hard to miss. Here are 10 signs of insecurity you can watch out for:

A user took it to the forum, and asked “what screams ‘insecure’ in a person?”, and here are the top responses.


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“Not just bad mouthing but always feeling the need to compare/have some kind of competition with everyone around them”, said one user.

“These kinds of people just dampen the mood which is why they’re usually left out of the friend group”, said another user.


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“Being unable to admit that you were wrong/made a mistake”, said one user.

“My first thought upon seeing the question was ‘Top comment HAS to be a never can be wrong personality’”, another user added.


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“Some people will embellish the truth, alter the course of events, and retell the tale so convincingly that you’ll accept their gibberish, but they’ll never offer an apology”, said one user.


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“Worrying too much about what others think, not wanting to change because of fear of being perceived as stupid, purposely changing behavior and actions to try to be like others, etc.” said one user.


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“People who need to have the loudest speakers on their car, who want everyone to look at them 24/7, are insecure”, said one user.


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“People who are always trying to one-up other people when sharing stories”, said one user.

“There’s definitely a way to find common ground and a way to try and make it about yourself. One difference would be to actually listen to the other person’s story first, ask questions/make comments, and then tie in your own experience.

The problem is when people take over the conversation and don’t even want to engage about other topics than themselves”, another user said.


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“This shows someone as being an idiot to me pretty quickly. Trying to apply some theory from wolves and lions to humans /your own life because you think it sounds cool is so cringe.

Also, alphas in lots of species care for the pack members, bring balance and support and food etc. They aren’t just some raging beings with weird actions”, said one user.


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“Old friends of mine would always go on and on about how hot they are. I mean it wasn’t as if they were unattractive but they sure felt entitled to their bragging rights”, said one user.


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“It is weird that they can’t be themselves online. One couple I know had “marital problems”, pretty sure nobody cheated, though. Makes it hard to know who you’re actually talking to as well”, said one user


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“People who are obsessed with social media, how many likes their pics get or how many followers, are the most insecure”, said one user.

“People who constantly feel the need to document their fantastic lives (experiences, purchases, etc.,) on social media are definitely insecure”, said another user.

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