Airport lounges may be a relatively new concept, but even the most out-of-touch traveler has heard of them. Still, it’s always helpful to share important information like this with your travel partners.

A netizen recently asked, “Am I a jerk for paying for a lounge at an airport during a long layover?”. We need to hear your thoughts!


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The Original Poster (OP) is traveling with five friends and they are traveling cheaply. However, they had one long layover in an airport with a great VIP lounge.

“The thing about these lounges is that they have free food and liquor and comfortable chairs and shower facilities.”, says OP.

OP’s Stay At The Lounge

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OP told his friends what he was about to do and they all said that they didn’t want to waste money.

So, OP went to the lounge by himself. OP had some snacks. A few drinks. A quick nap. A long hot shower and then he caught up with his friends at the gate.

What Happened When OP Met His Friends?

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OP’s phone was fully charged, he was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and a little drunk. When they started talking, they were cribbing about the cost of everything at the airport.

They were unsure why OP looked so pleased with himself. He told them about his stay in the lounge.

The Clash Ahead

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Two of them got visibly angry. They said OP was a jerk for not telling everything there was in the lounge. They had actually spent more on food and drinks than OP had. Plus OP got to nap in a comfy chair and have a shower.

OP said that lounges aren’t a secret and that the internet exists. They could have looked up the same information he did. Now OP wants to know if he is a jerk for not sharing about the lounge with his friends?

Not Your Fault, Buddy

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“Not the jerk. You told them what you were going to do and at this point, everyone should have an idea of what lounges have in them. Not your fault they didn’t want to check it out. They say they didn’t want to ‘waste money’ but they went and bought food at the airport anyway.

‘You can lead a horse to water’…”

That Was A Jerk Move

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“You’re the jerk. It would have taken you all of 45 seconds to say ‘But they have snacks, cocktails, comfy chairs, and showers. We can drink, eat, nap, and shower all for $xxx.’ Then you wouldn’t have been a jerk. Keeping that info to yourself and then gloating about it to people you call your friends is a jerk move. Sure, the internet has that info. So did you, right then, during the conversation.”

Not Everyone Is Familiar With Airport Lounges

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“You’re the jerk. A lot of people have not used airport lounges before, and have the perception that they are fancy/associate them with traveling first class.

If you like your friends, knew they were money conscious, and believed this was a better deal, I don’t know why you wouldn’t mention that food/drinks/showers are included in the price.”

Are They Like 5 Years Old?

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“It wasn’t a secret. You offered them the opportunity to go with you.

Are they 5 years old? No? Then they should be able to make decisions on their own. ”

You Didn’t Tell Them The Whole Thing

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“You’re the jerk for not trying to *invite* your friends. Tell them why you’re going to the lounge. Your explanation will likely include the price and the perks, and then they will make an informed decision. Do you even like your friends??”

Depends On The Mood

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“Depends on your mood, sometimes I’d rather have a $12 salad and just watch a movie on my laptop and people watch instead of spending another 40 bucks or 80 bucks or whatever for a lounge experience, I understand both sides, but it really has to do with your own internal value system on whether it’s worth it or not.”

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