Have you ever felt scared by experiencing something? 

A user asked the forum, “What’s a very niche phobia you have?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Enclosed slides, I don’t know why but I just hate them. Regular slides, water slides send full panic through me.”


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“Pregnant women. Since I was a small child, they have freaked me out, and I don’t know why. I don’t know how to interact with them, and they make me sweaty and nervous.

No offense to pregnant women; I’m sure you’re lovely.”


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“Masklophobia. I am terrified of people in mascot/character costumes.”


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“I’ve always found something about sprouting potatoes deeply unsettling. If I open a bag and they’re sprouting, I’ll scream and run away.”


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“Seeing my reflection in the bathroom mirror with the lights off. I’m not a fan of mirrors in dark rooms in general.”


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“Styrofoam. I can’t stand the noise or feel.”


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“I fear having to touch the cotton in pill bottles. I use tweezers, and even then, I don’t enjoy it.”


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“Vexiphobia, I hate flags flapping in the wind.”


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“I have a terrible, terrible fear of butterflies. I can’t even look at pictures of them, and I get nightmares of them chasing me. It isn’t very nice. 

Everyone I know thinks I’m crazy for being scared of something ‘so beautiful.’ I can’t help it, though my heart stops even when I accidentally come across pictures/videos of them.”


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“Ichthyophobia. I have a terrible phobia of fish, dead, alive, even things resembling fish like tangerine segments.”


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“Fear of mushrooms. Since I was a kid, nobody could ever explain why. When in the forest, I feel like they are ‘staring’ at me, as alive beings.”


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“I have a terrible fear of spinning; the thought freaks me. I get nightmares of me spinning uncontrollably, and I wake up in cold sweats.”


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“Mazeophobia. I have an unreasonable fear of getting lost. I left the house alone when GPS (Global Positioning System) came along.


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“Cheese, I will not eat it; I don’t want to see it, touch it, or talk about it. Stay away from me with the cheese. I won’t eat cheese for money; I’ve been offered crazy amounts; yes, I’m sure some random cheese ingredients slip by, and I am not lactose intolerant; yes, if I am starving and I have to eat something with it, I might, but I’ll not enjoy cheesecake. 

I have been tormented so much one day that I might snap and accidentally harm someone who thinks it’s funny. My friends warn other people of my peculiar fear because they know this. I am a very picky eater anyway, so I don’t care. Like Superman and kryptonite, it’s my religion now I’m 36.”


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“Molds. When I touch them accidentally, they can live and multiply on my skin.”


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“Shower drains. They make me panicky and short of breath. For some reason, my brain convinced me that if I looked in a shower drain, I would see someone looking back at me. I’m fine with other drains, though, so I don’t know.”


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“Disproportion. It extends to quite normal things, like spiders (their legs are too skinny for their fat bodies) and, yes, giraffes. Why are their necks so long? Like, why is the rest of your body tiny in comparison to that monstrosity attached to your chest?”

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