The world is full of amazing and incredible things. Some are common knowledge, while others are so obscure that they’ll leave you scratching your head.

An internet user asked, “What’s the craziest fact that you know that would blow most people’s minds?”, and believe us, the following responses will amaze you like nothing else!

Octopuses & Their Donut-Like Brains

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“Cephalopods like Squid and Octopuses have ring-shaped or donut-like brains that circle around their esophagus. Consuming anything too large can give them severe brain damage and or kill them due to the food pushing against the brain.

They eat by tearing off the flesh in very small, dainty bites with their beaks that they then grind up using their radula (a tongue covered in small teeth) to make it small enough to consume.” 

The Real Bananas Went Extinct Long Back

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“Fake banana flavor used in lollies does not taste like bananas. The banana used to synthesize their flavor went extinct in the 19th century, and modern bananas taste differently.”

The Sun Is White, Not Yellow!

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“The sun is not yellow, it is white. And every single time I post about this, someone tries to argue with me.” 

Female Babies Are Born With All Their Eggs!

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“Female babies are born with all the eggs they’ll have for their whole lives. So the egg that would eventually become you was formed by your grandmother’s body when your mom was in her womb. That blew my mind when I heard that.” 

Baby Horses & Their Eponychium

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“Baby horses are born with what looks like crab meat on the soles of their feet. 

Eponychium. Google it.  So strange.” 

The Gender Discriminatory College At Cambridge 

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“One of the colleges at Cambridge in the UK didn’t start letting women attend until 1990. It wasn’t that it was a boy school, it was just that they were that discriminatory. Until the 90’s kind of blew my mind.” 

Our Belly Buttons Have Hundreds Of Unique Bacteria 

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“10 years ago, they did a study of 60 people’s belly button bacteria. You will have to forgive me rough numbers but they found 2300 different bacteria of which about 1400 were new to science.

One person had a bacteria only known to exist in soil in Japan and another person had an extreme type that survives on icecaps and thermal vents. Neither had traveled to such places.

Also, I think I recall reading that none were common to all buttons and only some were fairly common. I will never see my button the same again.”

An Anechoic Chamber Is Quiet Like Crazy

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“An Anechoic chamber is one of the quietest places on earth. So quiet in fact, you can hear your bones shifting inside your body. You hear your own heartbeat.” 

Duck-Billed Platypuses 

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“Duck-Billed platypuses “sweat” milk through pores in their skin and it pools in their belly where the young lap it up.” 

X-Ray Of A Baby’s Head Is Spooky 

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“An X-ray of a baby’s head shows them with several rows of teeth in their head which is pretty spooky looking.

But it makes sense because of where their teeth come from when they lose their baby teeth, and the reason why when we lose our permanent teeth, we can’t grow any more teeth!” 

There Live More Dolls Than Humans In Nagore

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“Nagore, a village in Japan, has more dolls living there than real people.

The residents of Nagore began creating life-sized dolls to fill the emptiness in the village after many people moved. Currently, there are estimated to be more than 350 dolls and only 30 real residents.” 

The Story Of Fridge Doors & Magnets

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“Reason why fridge doors today usually have magnets is that in the 50s, when kids would play hide and seek, because fridge doors then had locks, if a kid went into the fridge to hide, they’d get trapped and die.”

The Potency Of Regular Desktop Computers 

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“Nowadays, a regular desktop computer performs calculations that would take 30 research assistants using slide rules one million years to complete, all within a single second.” 

Cashews Shells Are Poisonous

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“Cashews shells are poisonous and require special processing to remove.  That’s why all cashews for sale are shelled.” 

Mushrooms Are Fascinating Organisms 

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“A mushroom is more closely related to you than it is a plant.” 

MSG Isn’t Bad For You

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“MSG isn’t bad for you.

The thinking that MSG is bad for you began when Chinese food first became popular in the United States.  Some people would have bad reactions to the food and they blamed the MSG.

 However, it turns out that the bad reactions were really caused by a soy allergy.  Since most Americans didn’t have regular exposure to soy, they didn’t understand that they were allergic to it.

MSG is naturally occurring and is found in mushrooms.  If MSG was bad, people would have negative reactions to mushrooms as well.”

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