It’s a question that many people have asked themselves, especially in today’s economy. With so many things to spend money on, it’s important to be mindful of our spending habits and avoid wasting money on things that don’t add value to our lives.

Wondering or have asked, what’s the biggest waste of money? Here is what the internet thinks:


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“Overdraft fees. Like, the bank should know better than anybody that I have no money. So what are you trying to take?”


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” Paying someone money to make your yard toxic to children, birds, dogs, and other animals because you want your grass to look like green wall-to-wall carpet…meanwhile, all your yard does is burn fossil fuels (mower) and deplete the soil.”


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“Donating to rich Twitch streamers. I’ll probably never understand why people do it.”

“I can see why people would pay for premium subscriptions, but donations confuse me. It’s like giving a random person on the street your money, except that random person already has stacks of $100 notes and a fancy suit and is sitting on a gold throne with hundreds more people throwing their money at them.”

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“NFT’s are so worthless.”

“They aren’t a waste if you’re halfway smart, a little lucky, and recognize ’em for what they are, a pump n dump scheme.

I say this cause a good friend of mine bought a couple early in the boom and made over $80,000 on one. He sold ’em all and never touched ’em again.”


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“Buying ridiculously expensive clothes to flex.”

“Clothes are a two-way issue. Good clothes last a long time, and the price is worth it for the comfort. But some clothes are 100x the price and 1/10th the quality. So there is a fine line here.”


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“Sneakerheads are usually collectors. So this isn’t so bad. They accrue value if they are any good product. However, of course, you could potentially say the same thing about any collecting.”


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“Cod points or any other online game currency bs. Yeah, it’s cool at first, but meh, after you realize you spent $20 for basically nothing.”


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“Cigarettes. $13+ for a pack of cancer.”


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“OF, especially when the Hub is free.”

“OF providers say it’s not cool to subscribe to someone you know without permission. However, I’d never buy OF unless it was someone I knew; the thrill of forbidden fruit makes it worth paying for.”


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“I once gambled $100 away in about ten minutes. This was back when that was a ton of money to me. The regret and shame was so great I never did it again.”


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“The $50 scratch-off lottery tickets you can buy in Iowa.”


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“Noone should be paying that high interest; it’s a total waste of money.”


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Crazy expensive day. It guaranteed at least one relative would kick up a stink. Massive pressure to be The Happiest Day of Your Life. Everything doubles in cost if you say its for a wedding (dress, suit, cake, venue)

Just do the quick registry office paperwork, have a surprise party, and run away for an extended honeymoon with the money you saved.”


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“Giving your money to the Catholic Church. You’ve got to be kidding me.”


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“Celebrity meet and greets.

I have a friend who is not well off financially and complains about money to me once a week. Yet she always seems to have money to pay for a celebrity meet and greet at least twice a year. Some are only a couple hundred dollars, but some can get expensive really fast. For what? A picture next to a famous person? They neither know you nor do they care about you.”


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“Fireworks, I love them, but it’s like 50$ per second for the good ones.”


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“Mansions. Big houses. You just spent thousands or millions of dollars so that you have more things to clean. Great job. Now you just wasted a ton of money so that you can live in a big house so that you have more space to clean.”


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“The diamond ring. Want to know how much it is worth? Try selling it back to the store you purchased it from..”


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“Beauty products of any kind. It is all wholly temporary, and the cost is terrible. But it is marketed to women like it is the water they need to survive.

Notice I said beauty. This doesn’t include lotions for dry skin or anything like that. I am talking lipstick for the sake of wearing it.”

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