If you hate the fact that on Monday you still have to go to your 9-5 job even though you’ve been trying to work on a freelancing business for what seems like forever… keep scrolling you gonna wanna see this…

Now tell me, do you ever wonder how some new freelancers get offered thousands of dollars right off the bat but you’re attracting clients that pay you peanuts (or never pay you at all)?

Can we be honest with each other for 5 minutes, my confusion prone business owner? If I were secretly spying on you, would I find you -

You’ve taken free courses, read a million blog posts, bought ebooks, but nothing helped you out the way it should’ve?

It's not your fault. It never was.

….The only reason you’re in this situation is because you experienced a disorganised information-overload and no clear direction or a simple system to implement right away to impress the client from the start

Most of the resources leave out an important aspect of making freelancing easy...

The one thing that can help you simplify freelancing right from the start so you can actually quit your day job


20+ pre-made templates, checklists and bonus guides to help you run a profitable freelancing "grow up" business even if you've no idea what you're doing and you're still not 100 percent confident that you're good enough at the service you're providing.

The Client Magnet Bundle covers everything from goal setting, time planning, pitching, media kits/resumes, even how to build an entire website that convinces a client to hire you even before they talk to you…

so, you don't fall of the pro-freelancer wagon again.

After investing in The Client Magnet Bundle, you'll

Thanks to the...

And, you can get access to all these templates (along with my secret countless tips with each template) for just $24

Oh wait, there are bonuses too.

Bonus 1: Guide for Professional Website

Bonus 2: Sherlock Holmes on Competition

Bonus 3: The Battle of Options (Advanced) + Workbook

Imagine starting like a pro-freelancer who knows what they’re doing and convinces clients to pay them a premium price because you know.. You deserve it!

Who is she and why is she so darn excited?

That’s me and my hubby, Buttercup… Until a few years ago, I was stuck in a soul-sucking job, 12 hours a day where my manager loved to schedule meetings only at the end of the day. How awesome?

Fast forward, and I found myself on the bathroom floor crying like a maniac because I wanted to work from home and quit my day job. 

… Yet another fast forward, both he and I quit our jobs to build a profitable freelancing business and a 5-figure blog. 

I want the same for you minus the bathroom chronicles. Are you in?

Using everything in The Client Magnet Bundle, I was able to drive some crazy results. Of course, I didn’t start with it but, oh boi, if I did I would make soooo much money sooo much earlier. 

Some proofs for you down below, my go-getter. I know you’ve doubts.  

What others have to say about me...

The kit is definitely a must have for anyone interested in being an entrepreneur. This course is very detailed and gives great action items for the participants to complete. I will definitely use this as a reference while building my business. Excellent work!
Freelancer & VA

Questions smart people ask before getting access...

Aha! I appreciate this question, Buttercup. These templates aren’t niche specific. 

If you’re working as a freelancer and providing a service to the clients, you’ll eventually have to have these templates

Awww.. you think I’ll leave you in the lurch to figure it out. The Client Magnet Bundle comes with a roadmap that helps you understand when and how to use these templates. 

It also gives you a lot of secret tips and tricks at the end of each template that I’ve learned over years

Templates such as proposal or media kits are links to the source. That means, you’ll make a copy of it, change colors/designs etc and use it in your business

It won’t. I stand 100% behind this bundle and I’ve seen (and personally experienced) success with it.  This magnet, my future freelancing star,  is a use it or don’t buy it type of product. 

This bundle is housed on a self hosted platform – which means after you smack up the buy button, you’ll receive an automated email with a download link. This can sometimes take a few minutes, so be patient. 

Never worry again about how to impress clients and be the rockstar who gets paid what they ask for right from the start

So go ahead and slap that golden button below and let the Client Magnet Bundle do the job for you.  

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