What if your parents insist you on getting a job and you don’t really want to work as a teenager?

An internet user recently asked, “Am I a jerk for telling my parents I won’t get a part-time job?” We want you to decide. 

Back Story

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The Original Poster’s (OP) [16M] parents recently have been telling him to start making his own money to pay for unneeded stuff like expensive clothes and night outs with friends, which, according to him, is fair enough.

Parents Told To Get Part Time Job

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They told him to get a traditional part-time job— working at a store, restaurant, babysitting, or whatever. He thought those sounded time-consuming and boring, so he decided to utilize his excellent taste in clothes to make money in a more hands-off way.

What Did OP Do Instead?

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OP used money he has already— remnants of birthday money, mostly— to go to a thrift store and buy clothes he knew would be in trend right now and sell them, either online or to people he knows, then withdraw some of the money for personal spending and put most back towards buying more stuff. 

What Does OP Say

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OP says, “This is optimal because now (as of a month after starting), I’m making pretty good money for very little work (1-2 hours every weekend at a thrift store, then another 1-2 hours to pose for photos modeling the clothes and post them online), and even that little amount of work is something I find fun.

So all in all, it seems better than working longer hours at something I’d find boring for similar pay.”

How Did OP’s Parents React To His Idea?

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OP’s parents are angry because he took what was supposed to be a ‘teachable moment’ about hard work and just ruined it by finding a way to make money that’s not hard work at all.

They demand in order for him to learn about hard work, he quit this and gets an actual part-time job.

OP Sees No Logical Reason

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OP sees no logical reason to— as he thinks, what he has going is quicker and much more enjoyable than a part-time job, for similar amounts of money earned. 

What Does OP Say?

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OP says, “To put it simply, why would I work more hours, doing something I like less, just for the same amount of money? Sounds irrational, right? They think I’m a jerk and being lazy here.

I agree that there’s a certain amount of laziness involved, but if my system works, it works. Am I really a jerk?”

You’re Going To Go Places And It Shows!

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“It takes more motivation and ingenuity to come up with an out-of-the-box entrepreneurial method to earn money.  They should motivate you to find more strategic ways to accomplish your goals. I would be proud of my kids to do something like that. Good work.” Said one. 

You Should Be Happy

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“I’m a mom of 6.  I’d be very proud of a child of mine thinking outside of the box and being successful.  That shows you’re going to go places. I mean, don’t get me wrong, hard work is good, but working smarter, not harder is an amazing skill.” Another added. 

There’s A Bigger Picture To What You’re Up To

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Your parents told you that you needed to earn your own money, so you did. They don’t get to tell you that you’re doing it wrong simply because you didn’t do it the same way that they would.

But I’d also implore you to do some reading on what upselling thrifted items is doing to the second-hand industry. You’re essentially taking trendy items out of the hands of people who couldn’t otherwise afford them.  And the influx of people like you is driving up prices at thrift stores and pricing out the people who truly need them.  So unfortunately, your money-making scheme IS lazy and comes with some real-world consequences.”

Good For You, Kiddo

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“This is industrious. Another post on this subject today was from a dad who was mad that his teen son was making money milling lumber using a busted sawmill he bought cheap and repaired, and I feel like there’s very similar energy coming from your parents.

The economy is hell right now, kid. You’ve found something to make money that doesn’t kill your soul. I’m happy for you and wish you continued success!”

It Isn’t Something Entrepreneurial; It’s Immoral Though 

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“I’m going against the grain. It has been a thing for a while now. It’s hardly about being an entrepreneur. You’re going to second-hand stores to buy donated items so you can resell them at a higher price. It’s not very moral when you consider that those clothes were donated with the intent to go to someone less fortunate, not so some kid can profit off of his shopping addiction. 

Everyone should work in the food industry or retail at least once in their life. It builds character, teaches time management, and it would do you good to serve others rather than just yourself.”

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