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Once you have access to any course, ebook or digital product on Mrs Daaku Academy, you will not be entitled to refund for any reason whatsoever. This is because of the sensitive, proprietary nature of the copyrighted content and the nature of the digital products in general.

Since the services made available here are intangible, there is a strict no refund policy. If you are not ready to put in the work, do not commit.

While Mrs Daaku Academy has created in-depth resources and provide all the support that is required to find success and make money, Mrs Daaku Academy does not guarantee that all students will successfully start making money after taking the course.

Your success will completely depend on your work, understanding, dedication and implementation of what we teach. Just like colleges and universities don’t guarantee a job on graduation, students enrolled in any course with us are not guaranteed success or income merely by investing or completing the course.

All students who enrol acknowledge this fact and agree that implementing the strategies, securing clients and making actual money is solely their own responsibility. Students acknowledge that Mrs Daaku academy cannot do the work for them or find clients for them.

Not following instructions, lacking personal aptitude or any prerequisite skills (i.e. not retaining or understanding necessary concepts, etc.), or refusing to put in the work it takes to find clients are not the fault of Mrs Daaku Academy or Chhavi Agarwal.

We cannot and do not advertise a blanket guarantee that all students will be successful marketing themselves or get high-ticket clients.

The customer should know that taking the course via this website does not invariably make you an expert. The success will depend upon your inputs, hardwork and whether you work towards it or not. Access to our private Facebook group is also an excellent support tool for students.

The products/course material can be accessed via Podia only via a single device ONLY. No student is permitted to share the login credentials with anyone else including any family or friends whatsoever. Mrs Daaku Academy shall not tolerate this behaviour or any download abuse. We reserve the right to terminate your access to the company’s servers and the course in toto if we find you in violation of this.

That no user/customer shall practise any acts of fraudulent nature. We shall reserve the right to remove the access to the course/course material without any warning or refund to your purchase if you are found guilty of any of the fraudulent acts including, but not limited to:(a) Copying the contents of the course(b) Providing access of the course/course material to your friends/family(c) Pirating the course content in manner (d) Soliciting students and selling them unwanted products

If you have concerns outside of this, please email us at using the email id that you used to purchase the course and mention the order number.

If you implement the course, you will get results. If you don’t, you won’t get results. If you feel stuck with the course material or feel like a part of the class isn’t making sense, email us and we will walk you through a solution.

The company reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product or service offerings without prior notice.

Dual Money Back Guarantee on The Profit Plan (There is no guarantee anymore. Sales made after 15th Nov 2021)

The only product where a guarantee is offered by MDA is The Profit Plan. 

This guarantee is applicable to purchases made after August 15th 2021 and is applicable only till October 15th 2021. Post this, there is NO guarantee offered on TPP and terms mentioned above will be automatically applicable i.e. no refunds.

What is the point of investing in a freelancing course if you cannot make money, right? We put EVERYTHING in our students’ hands including landing one client at a minimum within 90 days of enrolling. 

All you have to do is dig deep into the course and follow the plan that is laid out. If you have followed everything in the course and still didn’t land a client within 90 days, feel free to cash in our money back guarantee.


Here’s what you will NEED to do to get the refund:

✔️ Actively participated and asked questions in at least 8 group coaching calls in the period of 90 days. We have recordings of each of these sessions to verify. 

✔️ Actively participated in the TPP systems (including coaching calls, webinars, masterclasses, email support, weekly job leads etc) and can show they followed it completely.

✔️ Successfully completed our foundational course on Podia, show that they implemented all the strategies laid out 

✔️ Took the advantage of email strategy support and implemented all steps that were laid out for your specific business 

✔️Share filled out workbooks for finding a niche, client avatar and discovery call.

✔️Have created and implemented tips to create a website, portfolio, offers, proposals, contracts, pitch etc, and be able to share all the

documents with us along with showing they got beta clients as recommended

✔️ Successfully completed the Sherlock Holmes module and can share the notes from the research in the format given in the course (google sheet) and have spied on at least 20 competitors extensively along with adding on to their offers

✔️ Sent a minimum of 30 client pitches each month (including follow ups for each of them) and submit a completed Pitch Tracker (an editable tracking spreadsheet found within TPP)

✔️ Applied to a minimum of 15 job leads along with follow ups to each one of them (that we send across every week) and can show proof of the same. 

✔️ Found and pitched to at least 10-15 jobs on job boards each month and followed up with them. 

✔️ Share your Instagram account, Linkedin account and Facebook group screenshots to analyse that you followed the module to create authority/presence and set them according to our strategy.  

✔️ Implemented and followed the bonus client acquisition hacks module and share proof of the same. 


We’ll ask you to provide evidence that you’ve done all these things before you request your money back. We can’t do the work for you, but we’ll support you all the way and give you every opportunity to succeed!

If your request is accepted, your money will refund within 90 working days from the date of acceptance and you will be asked to share the details as required by MDA to process the request. Post refund, your access to all MDA material will be removed for lifetime and you won’t be able to join TPP (or any other program of MDA) again.

Bonus Money Back Reward

Well, we are proud of our students and want to encourage them to work to their best of potential. 

So, we have a bonus money back reward. 

What does that mean?

If you reach INR 50,000 in the first 45 days of enrolling in the course (which is not all that difficult if you put in the work), you will qualify for this money back reward. 

We will give you half of what you paid to enroll in the course as a reward.

Note: The 50% will be calculated after deduction of any taxes paid by MDA including but not limited to GST.

So, not only did you make a profit of INR 50000 with the help of MDA but you also get half of your investment back from us as a reward. 

What you have to do is 

  • Send us a small testimonial video on how the course helped you reach INR 50000 and that you have reached INR 50000.

  • An email detailing how you reached the income goal, what service you are providing, invoice screenshots, a few client emails and how many clients you are working with. 

  • In the same email, place a request to avail this Money Back Reward.

Note: We need to be convinced that you have reached the goal genuinely. This is just to weed out false requests and false claims

Whether the refund application will be approved or declined shall be at the sole discretion of MDA and is final and binding.

Note: The decision made by the MDA team will be final and will be based on the evidence provided by the member. If we have a reasonable doubt that you haven’t implemented the strategy or are lying or have any malafide intention, you will not get the refund and will also be removed from the academy permanently. 

Whether the refund or reward application will be approved or declined shall be at the sole discretion of MDA and is final and binding. MDA also reserves the right to change, modify and edit the terms of this guarantee at any time without prior notification to the students.

The request to avail this refund and reward should be made within 5 days after the designated period (90 days for guarantee and 45 days for rewards) post which no refund request will be entertained.