how to find and pitch freelance writing clients

Are you ready to BOOST your freelance writing INCOME in 2019? Are you tired of writing gigs that pay you PEANUTS? Are you irritated with CLIENTS that keep low balling you?

If you are nodding your head in agreement, I FEEL YOU! Freelance writing for beginners can be daunting!

Does ANY of this sound familiar 

  • You want to start working from home but have no idea where to begin and how to find clients that ACTUALLY pay you
  • You love to write and would LOVE to earn enough to pay your bills and save a little
  • You have given freelance writing a shot BUT ended up spending time on phone, laptop and tablets going through job boards and looking for gigs. You feel freelance writing for beginners is confusing, difficult and less profitable. 
  • You have annoying conversations with people who think freelance writing is funny and want a “Neil Patel” or “Original content” at $10 for a 1000 words

the only thing that's stopping you?


Frankly, if you keep looking for freelance writing jobs online or dig yourself in a platform like Upwork (or any other content mill), you WON’T GET ANYWHERE. Sure, you might land one or two gigs BUT you will never be a successful freelance writer who makes $1000+ a month  and more constantly.


There is ONE way out to make freelance writing for beginners profitable from the start and that is to pitch clients your services… 

If you follow this strategy, you will

  • Be able to land well paying freelance writing gigs by sending emails 
  • Feel confident in talking to the clients, about yourself and your work
  • Be paid better than many other writers and your struggling days will come to an end
  • Be able to quit your day job and stay at home to work


This is what others have to say about it...

This book provides a wealth of information.  I enjoy writing but have no experience with cold emails.  This book walked me through each step of how to get business using cold emails.  The screen shots and step-by-step instructions are extremely helpful to understand the tasks to successful cold emailing. It makes freelance writing for beginners easy!

– Lauren Forsythe


I bought Chhavi’s cold emailing course and I can definitely say it was one of my best investment. It is such a comprehensive and step by step explanatory course, that I was able to sign up two clients using her course. I would recommend giving her course a try if you are struggling to find client

– Anika J


It’s really well-written and descriptive. A great resource for beginners to land clients.

– Sushree Mishra


“Chhavi’s ebook is a blessing in disguise not only does it teach you step by step how to find clients but it actually starts at the very beginning to help you understand and choose the best niche to focus on for you at the writer.  It also helps you set up your portfolio for success.  Although the ebook is just over 50 pages in length it is jam packed with tons of tips and tools to find, pitch and track all of your client interaction.  It is well worth the price you pay for the ebook.  It also helps you find clients in places that you never thought of looking.”

– Alvern Bullard

Here it is... your secret recipe to finding and pitching clients effectively

how to find and pitch freelance writing clients

This ebook contains

  • What is pitching and things you should know 
  • How to position yourself online?
  • Where to look for clients?
  • How to look for the right clients?
  • Top email pitching tips that worked for me
  • Productivity tips to pitch more in lesser time
  • 4 cold email templates that works
  • Dissecting the cold email templates and understanding why they work
  • Follow up templates
  • How to deal with rejection
  • How to track effectiveness of your strategy
  • Top tips to ensure your emails don’t land in spam
  • Free tools for email pitching
  • BONUS 1 – Worksheet to niche down your services and industry
  • BONUS 2 – Worksheet that will help you position your business online
  • BONUS 3 – Email pitching checklist

This is one of my cold email templates that landed me two gigs for a total of $3000+

This is the response to one of the pitches I share int he ebook. While they asked for a sample, it was paid and it turned into a 16 cents a word gig and a $1000 in total! 

A little tweak to the template and it bagged me another freelance writing gig that was a total of $2000. 

Another template (that I share in the ebook) landed me this gig – a total of $1607 at 14 cents a word!

All these templates are yours with the ebook!


  • How to niche down your services and why it is important that you do
  • How to establish online authority
  • How I went from $10 for an article to $500 by adapting a new method of finding and pitching clients
  • The exact emails I used to land high paying writing jobs
  • How to find and pitch clients using LinkedIn 
  • Where else to find clients (A few other platforms that beginner freelance writers aren’t aware of)
  • How to get the contact details of the right person
  • What to do and not to do while writing your first pitch
  • What makes an email pitch successful 
  •  Helpful resources, tools, courses for the aspiring writers

Let’s be honest – finding and pitching clients is one of the most DIFFICULT parts of building a successful freelance writing business BUT it does not have to be (especially for freelance writing beginners). 

With a little guidance, a proven strategy and the right templates to work with, it will become a LOT EASIER. 

You are close to landing clients that pay you $100, $200, $300 and more for a SINGLE BLOG POST. $32  seems NOTHING in front of the value this ebook is providing!

If you are ready to start working from home as a freelance writer, boost your income and land quality clients, today is your day! 

Grab the ebook

Follow the step

Send out pitches 

And, report back to us with your results.