Have you ever found yourself wondering about dining etiquette and whether it’s acceptable to order the same meal as someone else at a restaurant?

A user asked, Am I wrong for ordering the same meal as someone else when we were at a restaurant? We want to hear from you.


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The Original Poster (OP) had dinner with her sister-in-law so she could introduce her new boyfriend. It wasn’t fancy or expensive; they just went to Kelsey’s. It was the OP, OP’s husband, brother, parents, sister, and her new boyfriend.

What Happened?

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It first got weird when it came time for them to order. After OP gave her order to the waitress, SIL’s boyfriend paused.

He asked If OP Was Sure

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He asked OP if she was sure. She said yes, and he said he needed a minute even though he was previously ready like the rest of us. He said OP’s order was what he was going to get.

No One Stopped Him From Ordering It

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No one stopped him from ordering it, and OP didn’t order the last one. The kitchen had enough for everyone. There was no shortage.

But he kept asking me if OP was sure and was annoyed and unhappy that OP didn’t change my mind.

What Happened Next?

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He got what he originally wanted, but he sulked the rest of the night and kept bringing it up that we ordered the same thing.

OP Wants To Know

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OP asks, “Was I a jerk for not ordering something else? We were at Kelsey’s and not some exclusive fancy restaurant with only one of everything.”

Sister In Law Thinks She Was Wrong

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OP’s sister-in-law says she was the wrong one. She is mad at OP for being rude and making him uncomfortable. She said OP broke some unwritten rules and OP’s etiquette was bad, especially since her boyfriend was the newcomer in this situation, not her.

OP’s husband says he didn’t do anything wrong, but his sister disagrees and says OP should have ordered something else.

What do you think?  Here are a few things netizes have to say:

This is DUMB

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“Not wrong – this is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You ordered first, and you’re not a mind reader (I mean, I’m just assuming). He also shouldn’t have made a big deal about it and ordered something else if he was that particular.

I’m sure this is a sign of great things to come. We’ll probably see you again when the BF does the next stupid thing. At least it’ll be entertaining.”

This Isn’t A Thing

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“I don’t understand even the slighted notion that people can’t order the same thing, but it’s come up a few times in this forum.”

“I, too, have never heard of such a thing. More likely to hear, “I’ll have the Angus steak with baked potato and veggies too.” Nobody gives a flip if someone orders the same thing. Maybe he had siblings who would get mad at each other for ordering THEIR choice. I can’t fathom why he was so upset.”

Isolating Here

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“Makes me think it’s the beginning of isolating her. The new partner picks something stupid to be outraged about to get the SIL on board. That way, he can say her family didn’t welcome him from day one. First, you disrespect her new partner and, therefore, her and his relationship. Who knows what the next crackpot thing will be?

A friend’s partner did this to me. She claimed I said horrible and insensitive things (via a chat she could read). He burst into tears and claimed I was bullying him, and she was angry with me, even tho common sense (and reading the chat) would have shown her he was making it up.

He wanted me out of the picture because I knew he cheated on his ex. I could be wrong, and this guy is just a fool. You are not a jerk”

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