Traveling on a plane can be fun and exciting, but what if it turns out to be the exact opposite due to other passengers? 

A user took a forum to ask Am I wrong to “request” the aisle seat when a couple tried to force me from the middle seat to the window seat on a plane?



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Original Poster ( OP ) booked a seat on a budget airline to fly home. The night before the flight, he saw that the airline could upgrade the seat to the front row for just $40.

It is not a first-class upgrade as the airline doesn’t have it, but it will give extra room for the leg.  He immediately booked the middle seat in the front row as he had no other option. 



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The next day when the OP stepped on the plane, he saw a mid-aged couple. He assumed that they would be in their mid-fifties and were sitting in the first row, and the woman was sitting in the OP’s seat, and her Husband was sitting in the aisle. 



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It was clear to the OP that this couple booked the window and aisle seats with the assumption that nobody would book the middle seat so that they would get extra space. 

OP says that he was two hours into Adderall. On the spot, he decided he would not let the couple decide where he wanted to sit. 



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At first, the woman told OP to take the window seat. For which OP said that he would take the aisle seat. Again the woman said that she was offering him the window seat. 

Now, OP replied that he doesn’t want the window seat. OP said he wanted an aisle seat or would sit in his middle seat and asked them why they didn’t book tickets next to each other. 



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The Husband agreed that OP was correct. Now, the OP communicated his wish and let the couple decide. After hearing what OP said, the woman told her husband that she couldn’t believe what OP was doing. 

Again OP repeated that he couldn’t believe that the couples didn’t book seats together and asked them to move so that he could sit in his middle seat. 



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Then OP pulled his back and told the couple he would sit on the window seat. But the couple declined the offer and said it was okay. 

The couple looked confused, but the OP put on his heat seat and continued to work on his Laptop. 



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OP felt presumptuous about the couple’s behavior, who assumed that they could shuffle him or some other person who could have booked the middle seat without any recourse. 

In the end, he added that 99% of people would prefer to sit at the window seat, but OP expressed his viewpoint on etiquette and principles. 



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“I think it’s weird that you then offered to sit in the window seat at the end. You’ve got what you wanted, and no need to further confuse people.” 



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“And what the couple did wasn’t even that big a deal? They strategically tried to get more space, and when that didn’t pan out, one offered to take a worse seat to avoid inconveniencing OP. OP ultimately got what he wanted out of the interaction: a power trip.”



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Isn’t the window seat usually the more desirable seat? I mean. A window, no getting up for others, you can put your head against the wall. 

I don’t think they had bad intentions in asking you to take the window seat.

Edit: it seems just to be me who sleeps entire flights and doesn’t want to be bothered.


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